Monday, December 22, 2008

We Made It!

Keith & Mini-Keith, aka Raleigh with Harold the Koala

Nannie with Augustus & Harold the Koala

Raleigh & Augustus in the bassinet on the international flight - even with another set of twins on board, these boys were the center of attention!!! Big thanks to the Brasilian grandma & ItalianAustralian lady who sat behind us and wanted to hold the boys!!!! Life savers indeed :)

Matty, the boys, Jane & Heath pushing Ashley in Kuranda - Gus is already trying to check Ash out:) Lookout Heath;)
Raleigh and his very, very big teddy bear

We have been in Oz for over a week now. How the time has flown! The boys could not have been better during our travels. They are truly amazing. They even adjusted to the time difference without a hiccup. Well, maybe a little hiccup when Poppy was playing with them and all their new toys at 3am the first night here:) Too cute; I came down to find some very happy grandies, and two happy boys to have new people to play with at 3 am!
The boys have already seen so much. We have gone up to Kuranda, Port Douglas, the Cairns zoo, they have eaten on the wharf in Cairns and they even got to hold koalas! Such lucky boys!!! There are well over 700 pictures already...and we cannot post them all, so here are a few of my favorite shots.
Raleigh & Poppy

Aunty Peta gives feeding a go

Augustus and the croc...that is Nannie holding him there, mom wanted no part of this one!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Augustus is Trying to Crawl and Raleigh is Running in Circles

Augustus, the astronaut

Raleigh, feeding himself...oh those are some tired eyes!

Less than a week before our trip to Oz. We are so excited! Nannie & Poppy have no idea what is coming their way.

This week Augustus is so close to really crawling, not just his army crawl, and Raleigh is running around his activity table. It is just so amazing to watch these guys grow. They are truly the happiest babies we know; we are so darn lucky!!

Here are a few videos highlighting their development, enjoy! We especially enjoy the one of them laughing together, after months of thinking they were never going to like each other. The great news is that they are laughing and playing together more and more, in between hair and ear pulling "fests" of course;)

The Boys' First Month!