Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What We’ve Been Up To

We are in between computers right now, so trying to update the blog has been challenging.  Thank goodness for Facebook and a family that is mostly online to check the occasional picture updates. That and two very active almost-three year olds, make it really hard.  Luckily, we had the boys three year photos taken and the photographer, the talented Kerri Gagne, who has been taking the boys’ pictures since they were seven months old has blogged about their pictures. You know, the photographer who has photographed moments like these -

Pictures with all the Grandies Blogged


First Birthday Party Pictures


First Photo Shoot

She just blogged about the boys’ 3rd Birthday photo shoot at the beach.

Kerri Gagne Blog about GnR

It was kind of a crazy thing to do after we were basically housebound for over two weeks of sickness.  The boys have had a ridiculously bad cough that kept them from two birthday parties among other activities, and vomiting up phlegm, and just being miserable for weeks.  The photos were rescheduled among other things, but taking two boys to the beach for photos after being stuck inside was a bit nuts!  Nonetheless, Kerri was able to capture their personalities and showcase their amazing blue eyes.   I adore the picture of the boys in the lifeguard stand both clutching their sides in laughter.  Gus was definitely more into getting pictures that day, so his smiles are a bit brighter, but both of them are just so darn amazing.  We are truly blessed to have them in our lives and so thankful for all the moments we have shared so far.  We have a few great adventures planned for this year, and cannot wait to see how they change and blossom. in the next three years.


The boys had an amazing birthday party early this year, this past weekend. We have had two years in a row of having so many kids to the park for a party, and this year we tried to keep it more low key by having it at our house.  This meant a smaller party with less friends, which sucked in a way to have people we could not invite, but it was also great to really enjoy the party with the people we spend a lot of time with, too. The boys had a ball.  We did too.  Here is a video I put together of the event. Put your music on, it adds to my tear-ageWinking smile 


They are growing up so fast.  Every day they say more, communicate more like little people rather than toddlers, and it is mind blowing, really mind blowing.  One of the things I say every now and again when I am having my not-the-best mommy moment, is “am I talking to a wall?”  Well, today, after saying something to the boys in that nature, Gus turned to the lifeguard stand, clearly a wall and yells “Hey, I’m talking to you.”  And then looks to me and says “Mommy, I’m talking to the wall, am I talking to the wall?”  Then starts chanting or singing, “I funny man, I funny man.”  Ugh, yup, you sure are Gus.  Boy!  Kind of sucks to have super smart kids, doesn’t it? 

The other exciting adventure I have been on more so than the boys, is playing with my new DSLR.  Of course, if you know me, you know I love to take pictures. I have been using basic point and shoot cameras for years and I asked Matty for a real camera for our 10 year anniversary. Yes, 10 years!  I love the camera and am learning so much and am having a great time really working on getting better at taking real pictures.  So far, we’ve been to the beach a few times and I have had a ball taking pics at the boys’ party, and I look forward to doing more soon.

The Boys' First Month!