Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Favorite Things

From gorgeous to goofball in two seconds flat! gorgeous to goofball! (3)gorgeous to goofball! (2) gorgeous to goofball! (4)gorgeous to goofball!    gorgeous to goofball! (5) gorgeous to goofball! (7)gorgeous to goofball! (6) 

Wow, the boys continue to amaze us.  I am trying to remember all our favorite things they are doing right now, and I know I cannot remember them all!

Still love all the little sayings each boy has.  Raleigh loves to say “Okay” all the time.  Even if you are telling him to do something he really does not want to do, he will say “oooooooooo-kay.”  Gus is continuing to put thoughts together into sentences; while Raleigh will parrot anything and everything and still come up with the funniest sayings all on his own, too.

Augustus still wants to play with someone all the time.  He will grab his friends’ hands and guide them to where he wants them, especially his girlfriend Miss Bell.  Oh, and Mommy and Daddy, too, of course.  While saying “play me, please.” 

Augustus is also also is really in tune with Matthew leaving for work.  He gets very sad when Dad is in his tie, particularly when they are just waking up.  He will say “Daddy buh-bye” in the saddest voice.  The weekends are so cute when he knows Daddy will “stay home.” He just runs around yelling “stay home, stay home.” 

OCD – totally hereditary blessing or curse, depending on the moment.  Augustus will straighten out any towel that we put down at the beach or pool, and any toy that is put in the “wrong” place has to be put in it’s right place.  So, for example, if you add an extra block under the driver seat of our Mega-block fire truck, he will insist that the blocks go in the back and move it so the “man” can go in the seat properly. 

Hello Lady, Hello Man.  Both boys will welcome anyone to a restaurant, park, etc.  They are so friendly and always have been.  I love that they are so excited to tell everyone what they are doing and in particular, what they are eating, like ice cream! 


My current favorite non-boy related things include my new Keurig my K-cup reusable coffee filter. 

Product Image Keurig My K–Cup Reusable Coffee Filter 5048

I am a little slow in how to use it so it did blow up one morning when I forgot to put the cap on.  Hello!  The Keurig uses serious pressure to go through the cup so coffee grounds were everywhere!  However, still a great product so I can custom blend my favorite coffee on cup at a time.  Highland Grogg from Door County Coffee is my absolute favorite coffee of all time, so now I can enjoy one hot cup at a time!  A mommy-saver if I ever saw one!


My awesome high school friend’s blog. Here is my favorite blog update that is seriously genius.  http://ajscd.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/save-the-snacks/ So simple and makes me wonder how I did not think to do this with the boys’ snack cups earlier!  Oh, and you moms who think you don’t have time to blog and are amazed at how I keep up…check her out, she really keeps up!!!

The Good Home Co. cleaning products.  In particular their Beach Days fabric softener.  It smells like pure heaven to me. Plus, their products are biodegradable, paraben, phosphate, sulfate, phthalate and cruelty-free, and 100% vegan, so even better!!! Another fave is their Lavender glass and surface cleaner.  Also all the good stuff, and an amazing smell.  The bathroom smells like a fresh field of lavender for days after each cleaning. I am telling you, if you are ever lucky enough to find their products at a discount store like Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx buy it all, you will not be sorry!

Here is our week in review via pictures!  Enjoy!rals saying hi to nanny pat yee haw dino best buds! dino - clear shot of both boys gus my wild child climbs on up! (3) gus fountain funraleigh blue eyes rope bridge, the top one! water riding, nice shades  rals ready to jump gus jumping off nonsgrandparent love!  papa pickle's boys

safari truck watching elephants  butterfly (2)  gus, maybe I can climb out of here... lizards, three hanging out

Rals, roaring like a tiger as the tiger got to snack on some meatballs!roaring like a tiger! tiger feeding, stretching out! (2)feeding time!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cardiologist Checkup

Today Raleigh had his nine month check-up on his pulmonary stenosis. He was born with a critical case requiring a procedure days after he was born, and now he still has a mild to moderate case that the great doctors of All Children’s Hospital help monitor.  He did brilliantly.  Especially compared to last year’s appointment where the boys were sedated for their echo and sonogram.  Here is a clip back to Raleigh’s exam last October. 


We were so proud to see the leaps and bounds he has made compared to not only last visit, but all doctors’ visits in general.  The boys used to scream and cry at the mere thought of going to the doctor after many, many months of shots in a row.  Not any more.  Raleigh seriously charmed the entire staff and all visitors to the hospital.  He instantly made friends with the other boys in the waiting room, in particular a little boy with downs syndrome, which just makes my heart smile so wide!  During the entire sonogram he never moved except a few feeble attempts to help “the man” doing the evaluation.  Here are a few pictures of our visit…you know I cannot help but document every aspect of these boys lives.  Not every day is the exciting, charmed life, but all of it is just as important to me. 

waiting for the dr., our little dr. raleigh gets his sonogram raleigh gets his sonogram (2) 

I am so relieved at how well today’s appointment went.  We don’t have to go back for a whole year.  The nurse set up both boys appointment for next year, so it will be even more exciting to see how they do as three year olds next June.  Augustus, not to be forgotten, had an amazing day with Nonnie at the pool and park.  He was so tired, he was out cold before Raleigh and I got home about 12:45.  I cannot wait to see the boys tell each other about their individual, special days!

Speaking of charmed lives.  We spent the day at Busch Gardens yesterday with Nonnie and a few of our favorite twinkie friends.  The boys had a great time, despite the tortuous heat.  They really enjoyed getting to ride the entire length of the big train around the park.  Still waiting for my new camera, so most of my shots were shoddy at best. Here are a few cute ones for you to enjoy!

PICT0109 rals rhino watching from train (3)  nonnie and the boys ride the train (2)flying - gus practices, rals waves hi giraffe baby close up flamingo photo op!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


my husband is a sucker;)

The boys love trains, always have, probably will for a long time.  So when Matthew walked in the door with a giant box housing a big, beautiful train table, I was surprised, but really happy for the boys.  They are going to love playing with this table for quite a while.  You should have seen them all lit up while helping Daddy carry it in the house.  Here is a little video of the occasion.

train table

He had told the boys if they were really good while he was gone away for work he would take them to get a diesel train.  They have been excited about diesels ever since they watched a few Thomas the Train episodes.  They call them “naughty.”  Go figure!  We also have been playing with their Christmas present from Nannie and Poppy a lot more; which is a Lego Duplex Thomas the Train set. 

gus peeks thorugh the window gus through the train tunnel

The box has a nice picture of the other trains you can purchase, one of which is a diesel set.  Matthew was all set to go out and buy that set, but the expense of those Lego/Thomas things is just not worth it in comparison to the table.  Seriously, the thing is loaded with tunnels, bridges, a huge crane, and lots of bells and whistles, literally.  With the way the boys have obsessed over the table and new trains, I would say it was a great choice.

Other than trains, we’ve hit the beach, made cakes, yes, cakes, little individual dinosaur cakes, played with Nonnie, and even went to a pool playdate with other moms’ of multiples.  Unfortunately, my camera was dying a slow death this week, so pictures are less than spectacular.  It finally died, so the videos are shot with my mom’s really sad camera.  Heck, I cannot complain, right, at least I have something.  We ordered my new camera today using all the money I made selling some baby toys and the boys 12-18 month clothes.  Yay!  Get stuff out of the house and garage and get a new toy for Mommy! 

rals belly swinging, before faceplanting!  boys' masterpieceboys and icees! (5)

Gus with his older woman, date in the Barbie Jeep! gus and bell, first date.. (3) gus and bell, first date.. (4) gus belly swings (2) play doh with nons - raleigh's look 

rals chilling like a villian rals happy water baby gus splash happy

Gus and Miss B running through the water together!gus and bell  

rals eats dino cakePICT0025




The Boys' First Month!