Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Friday my Dad, aka Grandpa Pickles, went in for a procedure to shrink his thyroid.  Everything went fine.  The bad news; however, was that we were not going to be able to see him and Nonnie for at least two days afterward because of the radioactive stuff that he ingested to shrink it.  The good news is that we hope that this will be the start of correcting his heart issues.  It feels like the only good news we’ve had since he started on this road to trying to get his heart back into rhythm.  Somehow, the cardiologist missed the fact that he was recently diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid.  Hmm!


What a wet Fourth of July weekend!  Boo!  Although, we did not let the rain get us down, nope, not one bit.  Although, it was great to see the sun for all of 30 minutes late this afternoon.  The boys had a great time with friends yesterday, and so did Matthew and I. We were not able to spend time with Nonnie and Pickles over the fourth, so decided to have a low key cookout with the boys best friends and their awesome parents.  We are so lucky that our kids have such great friends to hang with and explore lots of awesome places with, and we are lucky to have cool parents to hang out with too!  We wanted to do something more exciting than last year, but we were not ready for full blown Fourth of July celebrations, and it is a good thing, because we would have likely gotten really rained on.  So, this year it was hanging with our friends and enjoying a low key celebration.  Plus, being on our diet, it was easier to make the food ourselves and enjoy time without too much fuss. 

This morning we were able to get to see Nonnie and Pickles.  The boys had a fantastic pancake breakfast and then got to hang out and read, wash dishes, get made up like kitties, yup, you read right, kitties, and even walk around with umbrellas in the rain.  They had a great time.  Daddy was able to do sleep in and do some studying while we were playing.  The only downer of the weekend is that Raleigh ended up spiking a fever and then threw up right after we gave him some medicine.  Which, the boys tend to do with medicine, so I am not sure if it was a stomach problem, or just a reaction to the medicine. He bounced back fine and was his old self within two hours.  Here’s hoping the night goes well and neither boy gets really sick. 

gus holding nonnie and pickles' hands

IMG_1913 IMG_1910

On a side note, Raleigh has completely slid backwards in his potty training.  It is so random, but he will pee in his pants at random times if we are home.  Once while we were getting ready to cook in the kitchen with the boys help, and he just peed in his high chair.  Tonight, it was just standing in the playroom.  So weird. Hoping it passes with a little more cheering for using the potty .  Augustus is still doing awesomely, and is really doing well at keeping dry at naps and overnight, and telling us about his need to use the potty while we are out.  Lots of highs, and just a little setback, staying positive!

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  1. I hope your dad's procedure is the start to some really great news for you!

    Love the pics - glad to pass one the editing stuff! It is fun to do and really takes over your time (Wait, three hours have passed?)

    Hope we see you all soon. Annabella wants to impress Gus with her new hair ;)


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