Friday, October 30, 2009

Hilarious Video - the Boys Ride a Horse Together and Other Cuteness

Our little cowboys!!! All fun and games until Augustus decided he was going to be the driver! PRESS PLAY;)

This week was much more laid back. We made it to the zoo with friends and I had a much needed and equally awesome MoM's night out, but other than that, pretty low key. I spent as much time as we could with my parents this week since I know they won't be seeing them as much with the other grandies coming to town very soon. It is only fair since the other grandies don't get to see them enough!!! Raleigh was obsessed with Grandpa Pickles this week too. He would ask "where's pa pa" and point to the door. Oh man, how could I say no to that? We headed over there for lunch at least twice this week. It is always good, but on Thursday the poached eggs were just right after a fun night out with the girls!!! Raleigh enjoyed some blackberries too;)

We are ready for Halloween tomorrow, and I am sure I will post more about that Sunday. Unfortunately, it will be hot and humid so none of the costumes we have will really work out. I will likely dress them up inside, but keep them cool and casual for our Halloween parties.

Today, the boys were full of new ideas, words, and wonderment. First, Raleigh started saying "nan, nan, nana" and when I asked where Nannie was, he went searching for his book that has her picture in it. I said, "Nannie is coming to see you very soon" and he went to the front door, breaking my heart all the way. Then, they were both into reading on their own today, which of course is just them looking at books in a corner or a different room than their brother. They point at every little thing. Pointing is really big with the right now. They want you to tell them what EVERYTHING is in a book, and they love to point to everything around the house, store, you name it. They want to know the color, the name, everything. I LOVE IT!!! Anyway, I digress, Augustus was looking at his favorite book What Do You Do, and started playing with both of his ears in the back and pushing them forward like he was waving them. I did not catch on right away, but then I saw he was pointing to the elephant's ears in his book. The boys know the sign for elephant, so it was pretty cool to see he was pointing out the elephant's ears were big or something!!! Additionally, Gus was saying "baby, baby" all day. I mean ALL DAY, and we went through our normal routine of asking who everyone is, and pointing to our book with pictures of all the close relatives, and when I asked "where's Gus" he pointed to himself and said "baby." I think it is because he cannot say Gus yet. Plus, I am sure we say "baby" to them all the time. I don't consciously do it, but thereafter, I caught myself saying "come here baby" or "I love you baby" about 100 times! Raleigh's big kick right now is to cross his arms whenever he sees an adult do it. I swear these kids are comedians. Rals loves to say juice and teeth, which is a welcome break from repeatedly saying "ball." He even pointed out the teeth on the giant giraffe skeleton at the park the other day. The boys have been sleeping in until about 7:30 too; awesome! However, their naps have decreased from almost three hours to about 2 hours. I don't know which is better in all honesty. We have daylight savings tomorrow so we'll see how their schedule is impacted this year. I know last year it was a bear to deal with, but this year will likely be no biggie.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What We've Been Up To

I feel a little lagging, and it really has been just over one week since I blogged. The boys officially turned 19 months yesterday. I know we all say it all the time, but time really does fly. Almost too quickly!!! These little pumpkin faces are growing up so fast. Here is a snapshot of their last Halloween. It is crazy to see how much they have grown since their first birthday, but looking back at a year ago, it is really surreal!!!

We have been busy as usual, and will likely get busier as November begins. We have family coming to visit and a big move in store. So, what have we been up to? Well, we have had our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese - mass chaos for sure, but still fun to catch up with friends.
Raleigh starting saying "boom" after this trip, as in, boom, boom, whack that mole. Augustus said "po po" as in police too. However, it really came out more like "bo bo." That night the boys were so wired I know I heard Gus saying bo bo in his crib. One of my friends put it best with her comment, "what the hell are the 'po po' doing in his crib?" They also say "boo" for Halloween, but I think "trick or treat" will be too much of a stretch this year. Augustus said "Dora" or his interpretation for it last night as well. Augustus seems really into talking now - pretty much ever since that trip to the cardiologist, and it is funny to hear his full which we only understand a few words, but heck, I am impressed with his attempts and cannot wait to fully comprehend all of what they both are saying!

We have been to the zoo with Raleigh's first kiss and her brother. We'll be back again this week, and again next week...hmm, there is a theme here!
We've been to a few parks, some on our own, some with friends...we still feel awful about our friend Ms. M's trip to the park with us. She had very bad luck in her car, and we are even sadder that the bad experience will mean she won't go back with us:( Luckily no one was hurt except her mini-van!
We went to a green Halloween event in Hyde Park; which, honestly I was disappointed in. Not very green, and definitely not enough to do for the little it was advertised as taking place in a park, but ended up being in a shopping area. I was overly hopeful and did not take the stroller, and my boys are just too curious to be out with me in a shopping area full of vendors, snakes, birds, balloons, plant life, etc. I was a wreck by the end of the event, but luckily Matthew was home when we got back and I was able to sneak off for a coffee break, read the paper and went to the grocery store on my own - what a wild Friday night;)

This weekend we were so busy tidying things up and preparing for November. It is lucky for us that Nonnie and Pickles were willing to spend lots of time with the boys. Soon the Aussie grandies will be here to spoil them and give them lots of cuddles!!!
This week we are heading back to the zoo. We also have a Halloween party planned on Saturday, but I really hope we get some cooler weather again soon. I vaguely remember the cool weather we had for maybe two days...ah, Mother Nature, playing mean tricks on us with a snippet of coolness, before it was back to humidity and warm days. If it stays hot, the boys will be in costumes for a few pictures and that is all:( I remember growing up and having to wear snow boots with some of my costumes...

Here - Raleigh is sitting on a swan planter, no it is not mine, or the grandies, just a random neighbor...this kid thinks he should ride everything...oye!

Run, Nonnie, Run!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Finally Hits Florida

We are so excited about the fall weather!!! I really hope it lasts at least through Halloween, then it can warm back up a bit! Unfortunately, the boys really awesome jeans that they barely wore last year don't fit this year because they are just too tall!!! If you are in the need for any 12 month or 18 month jeans, let me know;) Or, if you have any cool 24 month jeans we are in the market...although, I don't know how they will keep them up!!!! They still squeeze into 6-12 month shorts for Rals, and maybe 12 months for Gus.
It has been a great, productive weekend. Yesterday we enjoyed touring a farm with pumpkins, a corn maze and a lot of other wondrous things for two toddlers to explore! Plus, some of the proceeds of admission went to our local multiples group; bonus! A bunch of our bestest twinkie friends were there, but we missed a few:( The boys had a great time, and I think dad had just as much fun with the boys pushing them around on tricycles. I see some in their future! I posted some pictures on the Smilebox I made, but alas, the pictures are so here are more to enjoy;) Lots and lots of pictures...there were over 200 that I would consider good pictures, yikes!!!!

Yesterday, I also got my hair cut...way overdue. The funniest thing was seeing the boys reaction when I got home. It was the first time I did anything truly different since they were a few weeks old. Their faces were priceless checking me out!

Today, Nonnie and Pickles watched the boys after they woke up. They slept in seriously long this morning and Matthew actually woke them up before 8 am...what was he thinking waking them up???? However, we had lots to do, so it was time to get them going!

This past week we had tons of things to do, mostly play dates with more twin friends. Here are a few shots...I hate to post pictures of other people's kids, but this picture of Miss E is too cute and most of the other moms have their own blogs too!

Seriously, just Friday night, the boys were are two funny pictures. Gus was just holding his breath and sitting in the spa, and Raleigh was floating and looking up at me precious for words!!!

The Boys' First Month!