Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Augustus Visits the Cardiologist and Other Random Cuteness!

Today Gus had a turn with the sedated ECHO. This one seemed much less stressful for a few reasons. First, Nonnie Boni is back and was able to spend the morning with Raleigh, so we only had to take care of Augustus and his needs. Second, we knew what to expect, so it was less stress on us. Gus was absolutely fine during the process and only cried a few minutes getting to sleep after the sedation meds were given; however, because he was a stinker and spit most of the meds back out onto me he needed a second dose to fall asleep. Then he was out like a light and woke up quite a bit "drunker" than Raleigh did last week. He literally is one of the funniest "drunks" I have ever seen. He is a big talker like I tend to be when I have a few cocktails as well. He talked the entire hour drive home. Goodness!!! Now, both boys are enjoying an afternoon nap.

The best news is that Augustus does not have to go to the cardiologist for TWO YEARS!!! Wow, maybe by then his fear of doctors will have passed and he won't need a sedated ECHO.

Last night Nonnie came back from cold Wisconsin to our 90 degree heat. We are so happy to have her back. She brought lots of goodies for the boys and they were quite content to hop in her suitcase and help her unpack them! My favorite was when Rals grabbed the camera case, and Augustus grabbed the coffee filters...just like mommy!!! Then they even helped bring her items to her bedroom. What good little boys! The cheesecurds are to die for - seriously, if you live in Wisconsin I hope you appreciate how good you have it that you can get fresh from the farm cheese any time you please! Plus, Door County Coffee makes the most incredible brew called Highlander Grogg that is nectar of the gods for sure! Thanks mom for hooking me up in addition to your grandsons! They love the harmonicas, jingle bells, books, and noisy puzzles!!!

We are wishing our nephew Alexander a speedy recovery from his tonsillectomy. The news is that he is doing well; we are so happy to hear! Take care and eat all the goodies you can get away with Alex!!!

In other news, we went to a neighborhood pumpkin festival last weekend in over ninety degree heat, ugh! It was fun, but Raleigh was not himself so we did not last too long. Plus I think we started to melt it was so hot. We hope it is cooler when we go back to trick or treat with friends. Raleigh did manage to get out and wrestle with our friends little boy who is a few years older than Raleigh. I always laugh because these boys have no fear and think they can tackle and wrestle anyone who is game. They are such a good team! We also had a play date with some of our favorite twinkie friends this week and it was good to catch up with the MoMs. But seriously, our kids are growing up, it is so surreal to see everyone's kids get so mature looking and lose all sense of "babyness." Thankfully one of the moms had another baby recently so we can live vicariously through her!

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