Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cardiologist Update and Happy Birthday to Nannie!!!

The boys want to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to their Nannie. It is still the 7th here, but it is officially the 8th in Oz. We look forward to talking to you later via Skype. Here are some of our favorite pictures of Nannie and the boys. We are so looking forward to seeing you here again soon!!!

Yesterday was the big day for Raleigh. He had his sedated ECHO. For those of you who still visit us through the Care Pages, this is a repeat, but the process was probably more traumatic for Matthew and me than Raleigh. It was a seriously long day for all of us. Raleigh was an absolute trooper and charmed the entire staff of the hospital!!! Me, probably not so much since I did not drink any coffee until about 3:30 pm. Now I know to plan on bringing coffee or stopping before we get there when we go next week. The Starbucks on the hospital campus was closed:(

The good news is that they visited a new hospital so the boys had no frame of reference. They were quite content playing in the waiting room with the magnet table with lizards and frogs inside - how cool for them! Raleigh even had no problem getting weighed, a huge cry sparker at most doctors visits. The only problem was when Raleigh had to drink the medicine through the syringe. Once he had to force that nasty hallucinogen down he had a full on breakdown until he fell asleep. Poor thing! However, the results of the ECHO and EKG were excellent. His stenosis is down to a mild case and he does not have to go back for 9 months. The nurses kept warning us that Raleigh would wake up like he was hung over, and they said he would likely be very cranky. Luckily, he was not cranky at all. Hung over, probably a little. He could not really walk, and was a bit loopy and cracked up at a lot of stuff. Rals was very, very hungry and ate and drank like a champ yesterday!

Next week we head back for Augustus’ cardiologist appointment doing the same test with the sedation. Of course, it is still scary, but hopefully not as scary for us now that we know what to expect. We are so lucky to have these boys be healthy and not really think about their heart issues much at all. Visiting the hospital we spent a few weeks going back and forth with Raleigh is always an emotional time. However, I know how blessed we are each and every time we get to go and come home and feel so awful for those families who are there right now and are not as lucky to leave with healthy babies! Blessed is a complete understatement.

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