Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Finally Hits Florida

We are so excited about the fall weather!!! I really hope it lasts at least through Halloween, then it can warm back up a bit! Unfortunately, the boys really awesome jeans that they barely wore last year don't fit this year because they are just too tall!!! If you are in the need for any 12 month or 18 month jeans, let me know;) Or, if you have any cool 24 month jeans we are in the market...although, I don't know how they will keep them up!!!! They still squeeze into 6-12 month shorts for Rals, and maybe 12 months for Gus.
It has been a great, productive weekend. Yesterday we enjoyed touring a farm with pumpkins, a corn maze and a lot of other wondrous things for two toddlers to explore! Plus, some of the proceeds of admission went to our local multiples group; bonus! A bunch of our bestest twinkie friends were there, but we missed a few:( The boys had a great time, and I think dad had just as much fun with the boys pushing them around on tricycles. I see some in their future! I posted some pictures on the Smilebox I made, but alas, the pictures are so here are more to enjoy;) Lots and lots of pictures...there were over 200 that I would consider good pictures, yikes!!!!

Yesterday, I also got my hair cut...way overdue. The funniest thing was seeing the boys reaction when I got home. It was the first time I did anything truly different since they were a few weeks old. Their faces were priceless checking me out!

Today, Nonnie and Pickles watched the boys after they woke up. They slept in seriously long this morning and Matthew actually woke them up before 8 am...what was he thinking waking them up???? However, we had lots to do, so it was time to get them going!

This past week we had tons of things to do, mostly play dates with more twin friends. Here are a few shots...I hate to post pictures of other people's kids, but this picture of Miss E is too cute and most of the other moms have their own blogs too!

Seriously, just Friday night, the boys were are two funny pictures. Gus was just holding his breath and sitting in the spa, and Raleigh was floating and looking up at me precious for words!!!

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  1. I am LOVING the hair! So stylin' for a hot mama like yourself. :)


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