Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swim Park Video

So, we went to the pool with Nonnie & Pickles twice this week between rain showers. It was nice to spend quality time with the boys & my parents and get outside for fresh air without over-heating. Grandparents are the only people who don't care if we get them sick;) I think the boys are finally over their colds; however, Raleigh was up and down all night last night. Thankfully, despite my feelings that it would never happen, he has become quite the self-soother. I really think it is the top two molars that are still not quite broken through that are bothering him. Hopefully they cut soon & then hurt less. Here are a few short videos of the boys sliding down the water slide & just a few shots of our cute boys having fun.

Raleigh kissing the glass at the splash area - smooshed in little nose.
Augustus with the water gun that won't shoot water because we are still in a drought:(

Boys trying to climb back up the slide...they love it!

Press PLAY - Gus going down the slide

Press PLAY - Rals going down the slide

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a couple of Wild & Wacky Weeks!

The boys turned 14 months yesterday. Really? Where does the time go? The past few weeks have been full of vomit & snot and lots of time indoors; which can make anyone a bit crazy:) The boys got a cold a little over a week ago, and of course I caught it too. Luckily Dad did not because he had surgery scheduled for last Thursday. He is doing fine & went back to work today. Unfortunately, no heavy lifting for Dad for a few weeks. And yes, the boys count as "heavy lifting."

That means Nonnie is on overtime helping us out. Of course, Pickles is helping too, but Nonnie has been here for every nighttime bath & bedtime since Thursday. Thank goodness! With me being sick I don't know what we would have done without her! Luckily, the boys have fell into a better routine. Maybe it is their colds, or maybe it is the fact that I refuse to wake up with them at 5am without Dad able to help out to give me a few minutes of sanity during the day, but whatever it was, the "rooster" has been quiet and has not been waking up until closer to 7am. Yay!! They are still falling asleep around 9am for their morning naps too. They are amazing; sleep almost 11 or 12 hours, then up for breakfast & a play, and then back to bed. Ah, what a life. They are still taking an afternoon nap too. I was stressing about them moving to one afternoon nap so we could get out of the house easier and continue to play with our friends who have all moved to one nap, but they are on a good schedule now. We'll just roll with it. At least I still have Moms' Night Out with the multiples group I am in.
Here are a few pictures of my fabulous Mom, Nonnie Boni, before the appreciation lunch for my mom's group. Not enough of a thank you, but it was a start! Plus, the food was amazing!!!

Despite their colds the boys have been full of energy too. Of course the pictures at the top confirms they have been sleeping pretty hard too:) They pretty much don't stop until they drop before nap or bed.
I am happy to report their second official word is "moo." I know it is more of a sound, but I am counting it as a word since they know what it is, and say it when you ask them "what does a cow say?" They will find their cow & say "moo." The video below (PRESS PLAY) shows how they say "moo."

Both Raleigh & Augustus shared some lovely vomit on me this past week too. Raleigh did so right after eating dinner one night. I pretty much caught it as he sat in his highchair. Poor baby. Then Augustus had an awful reaction to his allergy medicine one night & vomitted his bottle all over me. It really soaked me through! I know, too much information, but this is our you are getting to hear the good & the bad if you are still reading;) The night Augustus "got sick" was pretty tough. His medicine has been helping with his rash, so we now think it is probably an allergic reaction to something. That night he was already upset with his head cold and me trying to suction out his snot, and it just set off the stimulant in the allergy medicine. We have since stopped the medicine & plan on working on his allergies with our pediatrician or an allergist. The poor guy would not settle down and was up until after 9pm. Matthew called the doctor & she recommended Motrin; he finally settled down after we gave him the Motrin. It was awful for him & us! Again, Daddy was out of commission so I was trying to settle him & Raleigh, who of course woke up with all his brother's screaming. Thankfully, Nonnie came back over to help out too.

In other random updates, Augustus loves to give Raleigh hugs, but alas, Raleigh does not really like it and usually screams! They both are "reading" books. It is really the only time they sit still when they are in their play room. They can find their "kitty" book if you ask them to. They are starting to work out the signs in their board books showing them how to sign different things. They of course have telephone down, and pig, and flower. They made up their own sign for drink & eat. Raleigh sucks his lip and smacks to mean I am thirsty, and Gus opens his mouth and closes it to simulate eating. Gus also does the sign for moon which is cute because it is a little harder to understand since they only see the moon in their books. They understand all the words, and can point to the objects, but have not fully put the signs together, but I really can see it is clicking to them now; whereas, before it was just another book I was reading them. Gus has moved away from his wobbly walk and is now running with Raleigh. Climbing is still so much fun for the boys too. They can both climb onto the green chair in their playroom & are so proud about it! We are still working on climbing down...and I swear Raleigh has no fear sometimes, he just walks off the chair, lands on his head and keeps going. Other times he is as timid as can be, gentle poking something until he works up enough nerve to fully touch or go in it. Thankfully, their appetite returned last night. I hope that means they are turning the corner with their cold & will soon be snot-free;)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cute shirts for twins & other random updates!

Guess who???

If you cannot read the fine print of the shirts, they say "Good looks courtesy of Mom" and "Charm courtesy of Dad." How cute are they? Thanks to Nannie & Poppy for finding these shirts!

I am having more and more difficulty doing updates...although I am sure many of you still are amazed at how much updating I can do with these little ones; especially after spending some time with these busy boys;) I am doing this as part journal for memories/keepsakes, and partly to update family & friends who are so far away:(
Speaking of memories, I found my pregnancy journal today, or rather Raleigh uncovered it in a stack of magazines taking up space in our end table. Thanks Raleigh:) I am so happy to have the information to reflect on, so I hope the boys enjoy the blog one day too.

Any who...we went to the aquarium this week with Nonnie - her first trip. We also met our friends Ellie & Conner & of course their cool mommy there too. We arrived late as usual, but we made it nonetheless. After a quick spin inside we at lunch and then went out to the boys favorite spot - the splash park. This was after spending a few hours & Nonnie & Pickles pools this week as well. I think they enjoyed their pools even more then ours. Probably has to do with all the area to run around in. Yes, I said run around. Raleigh is pretty close to being able to take off running, although he tumbles around like a drunken sailor every now & again too. Gus still walks with his chin tucked in and belly out - which is too cute for words to describe so I included a few pictures below! He has made fast improvements in the last two weeks though & will be running soon too:)

Favorite new things they are doing:
  • Raleigh laughs all the time, this fake laugh that is just contagious.
  • They both love to pick anything they can up & walk around with it. Especially if the other one wants it...then they walk around like penguins with their arms down trying to hide the object from the other one.
  • They walk around non-stop. Totally wears them out! I just giggle as they walk around like caged animals, then we go out to explore & it is funny to watch one of them do something, knowing full well that the other one will be right behind him to do it too. They take turns being the "leader."
  • Practicing signing a few things. They get what I mean when I sign certain things to them, but they have yet to master how to do the actions themselves. They love their new sign books that they can see the baby in the book signing & the picture of the animal, etc., that they are trying to emulate. Thanks Mel for the heads up on those books!
  • Eating items without being cut up, like toast & big pieces of watermelon & such. They tried fresh avocado yesterday & Gus ate almost a whole half of an avocado. Raleigh - not so much!

What they are doing that is not so fun:

  • Still biting! Mostly Raleigh as a defense mechanism, but also as a sign of affection. Hope these molars break through soon! I am sure the defensive biting will continue until they find another way to stop each other from doing what they want.
Raleigh - on a mission from one pool to the other!
Gus drinking the water...

Gus with his funny belly walk!

Rals, Nonnie, Pickles & Gus - & YES, they keep these hats on most of the time. We found if we put them in bigger hats they will keep them on. Just a hint to try if your baby will not keep his/her hat on;)

Rals & Gus. Gus on a mission!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was a great day as usual. I enjoy Mother's Day every day as I know how extremely lucky I am to be a mom, and how lucky we are to have such beautiful, strong, smart young men too:) We did the usual Sunday morning routine, taking the boys to Nonnie & Pickles. It was a great Mother's Day for my mommy too;) She has missed the boys while the other grandies were in town, but got a full morning of fun with the boys & an evening doing a cookout here tonight.

The boys are exhausted & are sleeping. Matthew made a great cake for both my mom & I; our favorite - white cake with butter cream frosting. The boys got me a funny card this year, and it made me remember last year when my mom & Matthew both got me the same card for my first Mother's Day.

A big Happy Mother's Day to Nannie Chris as well. She was in flight most of the day so we missed talking to her, but hope she liked her card with pictures of the boys in it:)

Here are few pics from today & a flashback to last year. What a difference - seriously, how cute are these boys, especially now that they have all the hair. Does Nonnie not look FABULOUS or what???!!!

Raleigh - Mother's Day 2008, not even 2 months old

Augustus Mother's Day 2008 - I remember it fondly as it was the day he did his first real smile, not just a gas smile. Today, both boys said "mum mum" to me, not just gibberish talk:)
Gus, Me, Nonnie & Raleigh (he was not too happy at this point with the picture taking!)

Mother's Day 2009, Gus, Me, Nonnie & Raleigh

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sad Goodbyes, but Man Did the Boys have FUN!

This morning Nannie & Poppy headed back to Oz. The boys are napping, so they won't know it for a while. It sure gets harder each time, particularly with the boys. The good news is that we will all have another adventure with them again in a few months, and this time with Auntie Peta too:)

The boys have a great new routine in the morning thanks to Nannie & Poppy that we will continue on with. They get up (EARLY) and play of course, then eat a HUGE breakfast, including Vegemite on toast; they even tried meat paste this morning (don't ask), and then they go for a nice walk in the neighborhood, and then back for a morning nap. They also love their new bean bags from Nonnie & Pickles, very comfy place for a bottle or a climb & a cuddle.

The past week the boys have been very busy. They have been to the Tomato Festival, the zoo, shopping, out to eat, and all sorts of fun places. They even had another beach photo shoot with the talented Kerri Gagne ( Today we are planning on having a lazy day until we do dinner with Nannie & Grandpa Pickles. I am sure the other grandies miss the boys too!
Kerri Gagne Photography - Peterson/Hamilton Grandparents Lido Beach

Here are a few of our own shots taken at the zoo, our favorite restaurant down the road and at the Tomato Festival - including the video below of the boys on their first horsie rides!!!

Raleigh standing up in the pool now

Poppy - holding back tears before they left:( Good news is that we'll see you really soon!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Nanny & Poppy are Here!

Raleigh - sheer joy to get to the splash park!!

Poppy trying to hold Rals back! Gus, well, guess what, he's drinking the water!
Gus - sheer bliss at the water park!

The boys in front of the tank watching the scuba diver:)

Nannie with Gus

Us outside the aquarium, we saw all these news stations there that day, and later found out they were doing a story on a swingers cruise that was coming into port. Ha, pretty sure one of those swingers took this photo:)

It has been a very busy week since Nanny & Poppy arrived. Thus, no blogging. We've had a great meal tonight & although we've had cocktails, this is pretty much the first time I've had time to blog so I am taking advantage.

Today, Raleigh has had his six month checkup since his last cardiologist appointment. It was not a very eventful appointment since he was not up to getting poked and prodded today. We'll go back in another six months and he will have to have a sedated echo and EKG. He had great blood oxygen levels (99s and 100s) and his heart sounded find via the stethoscope only, but he was so upset that doing the readings by machine would have likely been with skewed results. Poor babies are both scarred with all their visits to the doctor getting Synergist shots.
Prior to the appointment today, we had the babies out to lunch at our favorite beach spot. They did really well, especially watching the people, or more specifically the women in their bikinis. Gus & Raleigh are SO like their daddy & poppy! They slept really well today too. This was after two days of trying to get the boys to do only one nap, an afternoon nap. The boys were well entertained during the morning going to another play club, and the aquarium, but they were so hard to keep up even until 11:30 in the morning. Then they were cranky the rest of the day so it was not worth it! I don't know who was more stressed about it...the boys or me! It is so hard to see your boys not doing well.

Here are a few pictures of the week thus far. Tomorrow we go for another photo shoot with the talented Ms. Gagne, so look for those next week sometime:)

Gus all smiles with Nannie in the swing
Out to lunch with Nannie & Nonnie

Raleigh laying down at the "computer" HILARIOUS!

Gus headbutting Daddy & Raleigh with a cheesy smile

Raleigh giving Daddy a cuddle! He even cuddled Willow this morning!

Augustus, drinking from the bottom of his pool...

Raleigh, um, what can I say, he is prepared, and happy:)

Raleigh, with a serious march in his step at the play room we visited

Augustus on a new toy at the play room

VIDEO of Raleigh walking outside...getting so good:) So cute in his yoga pants & Poppy's hat!
An actual penguin biting Gus' shoe. Pretty cool, but does this make me a bad mommy to let them get this close? Hm, still think it is pretty cool experience:)

The Boys' First Month!