Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swim Park Video

So, we went to the pool with Nonnie & Pickles twice this week between rain showers. It was nice to spend quality time with the boys & my parents and get outside for fresh air without over-heating. Grandparents are the only people who don't care if we get them sick;) I think the boys are finally over their colds; however, Raleigh was up and down all night last night. Thankfully, despite my feelings that it would never happen, he has become quite the self-soother. I really think it is the top two molars that are still not quite broken through that are bothering him. Hopefully they cut soon & then hurt less. Here are a few short videos of the boys sliding down the water slide & just a few shots of our cute boys having fun.

Raleigh kissing the glass at the splash area - smooshed in little nose.
Augustus with the water gun that won't shoot water because we are still in a drought:(

Boys trying to climb back up the slide...they love it!

Press PLAY - Gus going down the slide

Press PLAY - Rals going down the slide

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  1. OMG...too stinkin' cute!!!! And yes, Grandparents are the only ones willing to catch the grandbabies colds. Super sweet!


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