Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Aquarium is New Again Now That we Have Leashes...Err Backpacks!

Yesterday the boys were in full glee mode as Nonnie Boni & I took them to the aquarium for the first time sans stroller. They had their groovy leashes, err, I mean backpacks, right dad? They squealed and ran for over two hours. Seriously, what a work out for both the boys and us!!! It did wonders though as the boys slept the more peacefully last night then they have in a LONG time!!! Their colds finally seem to be cleared up and that has really been messing with their nighttime routines, so this was a thankful reprieve! Too bad we had a massively loud thunderstorm or I think I would have had over 8 hours of solid sleep...

We are heading back to the aquarium on Friday with some friends and then Saturday Kristy, Annie & Claudia finally arrive. I am so excited for some girl time & seeing Annie have fun with the boys. The only rule is that Raleigh cannot be left alone near Annie - I will not see Annie get BIT!!!

Press play to see the boys playing on the turtles & Gus thinking it is really a horsie;)

Gus has a new girlfriend...and then Raleigh had to come & try to steal her

Sunday, June 21, 2009


(Gus, Dad, Rals)

Today is Father's Day, well, it is in the U.S. anyway. Happy, Happy Father's Day to Matthew & Pickles and of course my brother who is a new dad to his second son, Kaine, born this last week. Exciting for him & all the other father's we know out there & love too. Of course, Happy Father's Day to Poppy as well, but we'll celebrate with him on the Australian day.

We had a great day with the boys & daddy. Plus, we ate dinner with my dad (Grandpa Pickles) and mom (Nonni Boni). After waking daddy up early we went for a ride to get a great cup of coffee from Starbucks. Then we put the boys down for a nap & when they woke up we fed them quick & headed to IKEA. Yay! It was dad's idea, so I was really happy!!! It was our first trip to the new store. Lots & lots of ideas in there.

Here is a picture of Matty trying on the towels at IKEA...too cute:)
The boys "mooed" when they saw the real & true cow hides in the store as well. They totally freaked me out, but the boys were not phased & mooed away!

Then the boys came home for a nice long nap. When they woke up we headed to Nonni & Pickle's house. They had fun of course. In particular they were having a ball jumping on the couch. Raleigh got some good air;) Then we took a ride to try to calm them down...alas, that did not work, but we have some good clips of the little laughing boys tackling, jumping, and just all in all, having an excellent time with each other. After weeks of being sick with ear infections and a chest cold that just seems to never go away, it was good to see them smile & hear their infectious laughs. We are all looking forward to seeing "Auntie" Kristy and cousin Annie this upcoming weekend, so it is good to see the boys are taking a turn to feeling better. Plus, almost all of their first four molars have come through or are just about to, so hopefully the cranky teeth problem will have almost passed as well.

Press "PLAY" to see the boys in action, tackling each other & laughing hysterically.

Press "PLAY" again to see the boys having a ball. Honestly, Raleigh (in red) is up to NO good here even though he is giving him a hug...he just was so excited, but all he wanted to do was bite Augustus, and he got him for a second time today on the leg. Poor pumpkin!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another fun filled week. Plus sprinkler video that will crack anyone up!

This week has been very busy. We have gone to Playmania, the "BIG" mall to play area, to Kids Club, went to another "twin"kie house and also played out in our yard a lot!!! The boys love to be outside. That is an understatement. As soon as I say "outside," or "go bye-bye," they run to the door & are so ecstatic to sit outside for a while. Both boys are quite happy to sit in the grass and chill, but are also so thrilled to be let loose out front & explore their 'hood! Below is a video from last night. The boys were playing in their sprinkler, and decided that the water tasted really they drank, and drank, and drank. I swear they are practicing for keg-stands later in life, but I digress. Enjoy & press "play."

At Kids Club the boys had their first lunch sitting at a real table - of course it is a shrunken, kid-size table, but they did awesome! Augustus almost fell off once, but other then that they even sat down & ate. As a general rule, we have a hard time getting them to eat much while they are out & there is so much to see & do. So them sitting down & eating while not being strapped in was a great accomplishment on my own!!! They had so much fun at Kids Club this time since they are now walking pros. They checked out every inch of the Club. We stayed for almost three hours. That is possible now that they have started going to sleep a bit later in the afternoons. We have more time to get out of the house between naps. Yup, we are still on two naps a day. They are sleeping about an hour and a half or more for each, so this is working for us. The boys are going to be a little later too, so it is nice for them to be able to see daddy a bit more in the evenings as well.

Here is a video of the boys enjoying some of Grandpa Pickle's spaghetti & meatballs last night. This was their first time with actual spaghetti, usually we make little past for them, but not any more. They can eat our regular pasta just cut up a bit. They love to inhale another quick & easy recipe of meatballs *turkey ones in particular* with broccoli, penne, low-sodium chicken or vegetable stock with a whole can of white beans. MMMMMMMMMMM.

The boys are doing more sign language. In addition to what they already know, they consistently pant for puppy. It is hilarious as we are trying to put them to bed & are cuddling with them & their favorite stuffed puppies & they just look up and pant. They have these goofy pride filled looks on their faces because they know they are "saying" puppy. Too cute for words! They will sit at their books and "read"and practice signs on their own. They can also sign "quiet" and "hat" and many more. My favorite sign language story is from last night. I have to preface it by stating that the night before at dinner I was signing "I love you" by putting my hands to my eyes, then hugging cross-hands on my heart & then pointing to the boys. So last night, I did it to Gus & he repeated it back to me, then looked at Nonnie Boni & did it to her. I think we both melted!!

Here are some pictures from the coolest mall play area. It is all baseball themed with big cushy Looney Tunes characters. Unfortunately, Raleigh got his head stuck in the Tasmanian Devil...while Gus pushed him in, but other then that they had a ball!

Our twinkie friends house, man they have just as much stuff as the big clubs! Just less kids to run over the boys!!! Plus, this momma gets some mom time to chat as well!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Heart Party for All Children's Hospital!

Yesterday was an awesome day. We went to the Happy Heart Party in St. Petersburg to benefit All Children's Hospital and celebrate being a cardiac patient of All Kids in the past. Plus, Taste of Pinellas was going on too. We had all we could eat at the Heart Party for we did not eat much at the TOP, but it was still good. It was a beautiful day on the water. Of course it was hot & sunny, but the park had plenty of shade and the breeze was perfect - plus, no humidity! We went with Grandpa Pickles & Nonnie Bonnie, and of course Dad joined too;) Happy Christening Day to "cousin" Annie too. We wish we could have been there & cannot wait to see pictures:)
It was so great to see Drs. Martinez & Dadlani, and our favorite nurse, nurse Peggy. Dr. Martinez was the doctor who diagnosed Raleigh's condition while he was still in Sarasota's NICU and ordered him to be transported to All Kids. Dr. Dadlani was our cardiologist while in the hospital and was seriously one of the best doctors; he always took the time to explain everything in detail, but in detail we could understand! Nurse Peggy, well she did a lot of nursing for Raleigh, but almost more importantly, was a big emotional help to Matthew while he was at All Kids and I was in Sarasota still waiting to be discharged. She is truly amazing and we are so blessed to know nurse Peggy and have been cared by her!!!

Here are two pictures with Nurse Peggy. First with Raleigh on the day he got to come home (4/12/08). And then with Raleigh for the first time since we left All Kids. Needless to say, Rals sure has changed!

Grandpa Pickles with Rals & Gus - the best high chair we could ask for;)
Raleigh running with his new puppy that even barks. He just started the sign language for puppy the night before...which is basically to pant like a dog. SO CUTE!! I will have to get a video of course;)

Beautiful location, no?

Augustus was looking on at Raleigh getting hugs from Peggy...he wanted one too. Raleigh getting ice cream from the grandies. Only the grandies can get away with it!

Augustus showing off his new shirt by me, which says "my heart belongs to All Children's Hospital." Really we love that place & always will! Raleigh watching the weirdo clown that was trying to get in our pictures.

Video (PRESS PLAY) of the boys walking the 'hood. This is NOT our please do not judge (Matthew would be mortified by anyone thinking it is our grass). It is the easement to our little pond.

The Boys' First Month!