Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Aquarium is New Again Now That we Have Leashes...Err Backpacks!

Yesterday the boys were in full glee mode as Nonnie Boni & I took them to the aquarium for the first time sans stroller. They had their groovy leashes, err, I mean backpacks, right dad? They squealed and ran for over two hours. Seriously, what a work out for both the boys and us!!! It did wonders though as the boys slept the more peacefully last night then they have in a LONG time!!! Their colds finally seem to be cleared up and that has really been messing with their nighttime routines, so this was a thankful reprieve! Too bad we had a massively loud thunderstorm or I think I would have had over 8 hours of solid sleep...

We are heading back to the aquarium on Friday with some friends and then Saturday Kristy, Annie & Claudia finally arrive. I am so excited for some girl time & seeing Annie have fun with the boys. The only rule is that Raleigh cannot be left alone near Annie - I will not see Annie get BIT!!!

Press play to see the boys playing on the turtles & Gus thinking it is really a horsie;)

Gus has a new girlfriend...and then Raleigh had to come & try to steal her

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  1. leashes, backpacks, po-ta-toe, po-ta-tooo...whatever you want to call them, they ROCK!!!! We have the elmo on, much more like a leash...but it works :)


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