Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another fun filled week. Plus sprinkler video that will crack anyone up!

This week has been very busy. We have gone to Playmania, the "BIG" mall to play area, to Kids Club, went to another "twin"kie house and also played out in our yard a lot!!! The boys love to be outside. That is an understatement. As soon as I say "outside," or "go bye-bye," they run to the door & are so ecstatic to sit outside for a while. Both boys are quite happy to sit in the grass and chill, but are also so thrilled to be let loose out front & explore their 'hood! Below is a video from last night. The boys were playing in their sprinkler, and decided that the water tasted really they drank, and drank, and drank. I swear they are practicing for keg-stands later in life, but I digress. Enjoy & press "play."

At Kids Club the boys had their first lunch sitting at a real table - of course it is a shrunken, kid-size table, but they did awesome! Augustus almost fell off once, but other then that they even sat down & ate. As a general rule, we have a hard time getting them to eat much while they are out & there is so much to see & do. So them sitting down & eating while not being strapped in was a great accomplishment on my own!!! They had so much fun at Kids Club this time since they are now walking pros. They checked out every inch of the Club. We stayed for almost three hours. That is possible now that they have started going to sleep a bit later in the afternoons. We have more time to get out of the house between naps. Yup, we are still on two naps a day. They are sleeping about an hour and a half or more for each, so this is working for us. The boys are going to be a little later too, so it is nice for them to be able to see daddy a bit more in the evenings as well.

Here is a video of the boys enjoying some of Grandpa Pickle's spaghetti & meatballs last night. This was their first time with actual spaghetti, usually we make little past for them, but not any more. They can eat our regular pasta just cut up a bit. They love to inhale another quick & easy recipe of meatballs *turkey ones in particular* with broccoli, penne, low-sodium chicken or vegetable stock with a whole can of white beans. MMMMMMMMMMM.

The boys are doing more sign language. In addition to what they already know, they consistently pant for puppy. It is hilarious as we are trying to put them to bed & are cuddling with them & their favorite stuffed puppies & they just look up and pant. They have these goofy pride filled looks on their faces because they know they are "saying" puppy. Too cute for words! They will sit at their books and "read"and practice signs on their own. They can also sign "quiet" and "hat" and many more. My favorite sign language story is from last night. I have to preface it by stating that the night before at dinner I was signing "I love you" by putting my hands to my eyes, then hugging cross-hands on my heart & then pointing to the boys. So last night, I did it to Gus & he repeated it back to me, then looked at Nonnie Boni & did it to her. I think we both melted!!

Here are some pictures from the coolest mall play area. It is all baseball themed with big cushy Looney Tunes characters. Unfortunately, Raleigh got his head stuck in the Tasmanian Devil...while Gus pushed him in, but other then that they had a ball!

Our twinkie friends house, man they have just as much stuff as the big clubs! Just less kids to run over the boys!!! Plus, this momma gets some mom time to chat as well!!

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