Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Week in Review: Zoo, Aquarium, Birthdays, the Usual

So we could not get all the twinkies in one shot, but this is as good as it gets.  I really love this age on days and moments like this, where all the kids will hold hands, and be sweet to each other.  Don't ask how I feel about the hitting and kicking, biting, throwing food stage though.  That is not one of my favorites.  Tonight we were talking to the grandies in Oz and the boys would not eat anything and were throwing everything they could.  Ugh.  If we took it away and tried to feed them one piece at a time they would just spit it out.  Oye vey.  I have to say it is most likely due to them not feeling well.  They did not eat much all day, and have runny noses again. 

But on a prouder note, Raleigh made a poo-poo on the potty again tonight.  They are consistently going pee-pee on the potty, not all day, but when we ask them.  Bad for us if we don't ask them I guess.  We are still not pushing them, but they are so happy to do it.  Raleigh is still doing a poopy every so often, but has not been as excited as he had been. We are happy that he is doing it at all so we'll take what we get!  Seriously tonight, I was so happy he was going on the potty though when he was pooing more then I have ever seen - EVER!  We flushed three times and had to use a plunger afterward.  I know, I know, too much info, but heck, this is the reality of our life.  
Here are Gus and little Miss A holding hands.  Gus held her hand and dragged her to the other end of the goat pen.  Too cute for words!

Happy Birthday to Nonnie Bon Bon.  The boys and Grandpa Pickles, and Nonnie Bon Bon and I went to Outback to celebrate.  They were so well behaved and had a ball despite a crazy nap day.  Good thing they have crayons.  The boys love to draw, and had fun watching their grandies color as well. 

The boys enjoying an up close view of a turtle.  This is still their favorite word, I swear.  They will yell it anytime, anywhere.  Plus, it is one of the best shots I have of them in their flannel Henley shirts.  We love them Auntie Kristy!
Not only did we hit the zoo, but we also managed to get to the aquarium for some fun times with friends too.  Loved to see the kids run wild and do a little dance on the lights on the floor.  They all sat down nicely and enjoyed a snack together too.  Gus got in on the hand action dragging Miss A around too.

This shot is for Poppy.  The boys can now ride in a space ship while I do some shopping.  Thank you Publix for continuing to supply us with easy to use double shopping carts.  Love the race cars, but this one is not as bulky and easier for me to navigate.  I am a good driver, I promise;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Sad Goodbye

This morning we were awoken by sad news that Matthew's grandfather, better known as Pa, had passed away.  Despite a valiant, and long fight against prostate cancer he sadly lost it with all his children and beautiful wife by his side.  We unfortunately, will not be able to say goodbye in person.  Our thoughts and strength is being sent all the way to Australia to help his family though this difficult time.  We were planning on visiting him this summer, but hopefully we'll still make the trip with the boys to see both of their Aussie great-Nans.  The only solace is that Pa was at peace with meeting his Maker and we have to seek some comfort in that.  I can say that Pa was seriously the most genuinely kind man.  He was also the epitome of a true Christian.  We know he will be missed, and just want to send all of our strength to Nan in particular.  She is also an amazing woman, strong and beautiful inside and out.

Despite the sad news, the boys had a wonderful week.  They were able to spend time with some fire fighters and dress up like pirates at a parade, so who wouldn't have fun.  Here are a few pictures of them enjoying both.  Augustus was hilarious in the fire truck; especially when one of the fire fighters tried to help him out.  He would not let go of the steering wheel.  He also had 12 month sized shorts on, which kept falling down, so he looks hilarious in them!

Yesterday, we spent a few hours at the Gasparilla kid's parade.  The boys had fun, but I think they were a bit overwhelmed when we first arrived.  By the end of the parade they were having a ball, mostly because of all the attention they received and the beads.  Oh, how they loved the beads.  They were even kind enough to put some beads on Amigo the dog's neck.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Men Dancing and Laughs Galore

There are just some moments that make you laugh until you cry. Last night was one of those nights with one of those moments. The boys were talking to Nannie on Skype. I moved the new rug into the playroom because they were obsessing over it in the kitchen; well, you would have thought it was a dance floor with a disco ball to boot. Raleigh was dancing, spinning and carrying on so much he could barely stand up on two feet. This was after a walk to Publix where they got some chocolate chip cookies, so the sugar could have something to do with it as well. However, we talked to the Hamilton clan in Perth this morning and they were back at it! No sugar at that point.

I uploaded the video to Blogspot, but videos take forever to upload here and now I cannot get it to play - anyone out there with suggestions - much appreciated if you do. So, I posted the same video to YouTube if anyone wants to see the boys shake their booties click here.

We made it to the park this weekend, despite the weather forcast of rain. They just love their new sand pit, aka, the park down the street. I love it too. Although, we do have to pull a redneck bath before they come in because these boys do everything big...even playing in the sand. We pulled out the old blue bucket that used to be used to wash them off after swimming in the old pool. They were so happy to have a bath outside. I swear, these boys would be nudists if we would let them. Then yesterday we used the blue tub as a sand pit in the backyard to try out the new sand and water toys from Target. Great toys for about $10. Little Tykes and they come in a bag to store them for easy travel - highly recommended by this mama!

The boys were invited to a birthday party this weekend as well. They tried a bounce house for the first time while all the older kids were inside opening presents. I would say bigger kids, but really, the boys were about the same size, or bigger then the three year olds at the party. These are going to be some tall, healthy boys! The backyard was about as fun as any pay to play indoor playground we have even been to. Wow, little T is one lucky boy!!!! The boys had a great time with all the trucks and tools in the play area.

We want to pass along our thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and everything we can to Matthew's Pa. He is in the hospital and are thinking of the whole Hamilton family during this time. We were so glad to see the boys' Great Nan this morning on Skype as well. Sending our strength all the way to Oz. Hope it reaches you all!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thankfully, Some Sunshine and Temps in the 60's!!!

We have enjoyed a few days of sunshine, and weather above freezing...okay,not really freezing, but freezing to Floridians. Here are a few shots of the boys being overly sweet to each other, big kisses, hugs, holding hands, and the like. Love these moments, especially when they are spontaneous; however, they have to remind me they are toddler boys every now and again by shoving each other - and more recently pushing their friends - UGH!!!

The nasal drip seems to have stopped, or eased with the passing of the frigid air as well, so we have done a few things with friends. This has made for much easier days...for the most part.

Here are a couple shots of Raleigh and Gus playing instruments at the baby time at the library. The loved it! I think they were a bit more reserved then normal because it was their first time, but look out in the future!

Yesterday, it was a zoo day with friends. Fun times, great to hang with such good friends.

After a fun day at the zoo, the boys fell asleep in the car on the way back. It is only a 25 minute drive, but I could not keep them up. That was the kiss of death. They were not interested in going back to sleep and were wired up and over tired. I was just about to go upstairs when I heard a LOUD thud and then a scream. I knew who it was immediately and also knew what it was. Raleigh had scaled out of his crib. Now, we have already turned around the crib a few months ago to make it an even higher climb out. Subsequently, a this results in a very long way down. He was okay, but did manage to hit his mouth on the chair we have in their bedroom. We will be busy figuring out what we are going to do this weekend. We did push his crib up to another wall so he has only two ways over now, instead of three, and we moved the chair to a farther corner of the room. Hopefully the fall scared him a bit and he won't try it again...for a while. His lip has a small cut on it and his gums took a beating, but he seems just fine. I needed a few gin and tonics last night to help with my nerves! Thankfully, Grandpa Pickles called saying he had some yummy fresh mozzarella and gnocchi to drop by and he helped put a few smiles on their faces yesterday afternoon.

Today, we made it to a park. Great, little park. The only drawback, especially for this mama who loves her coffee, is that there is no restroom! Thankfully the other moms we had a play date with watched the boys for five minutes while I ran to the local Super Target! I am so lucky to have made such great other mommy friends!

Max and Ruby - you've seen the show, right? Annoying, and a bit concerning since you never see their parents, right???? Well, still, the boys love Max. Hmm, trouble maker, with big ideas, surprise, surprise! Here are a few pics of them enjoying their new Max dolls from Nons. I have to admit, although I loathe the show, the dolls are too cute!

The Boys' First Month!