Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Men Dancing and Laughs Galore

There are just some moments that make you laugh until you cry. Last night was one of those nights with one of those moments. The boys were talking to Nannie on Skype. I moved the new rug into the playroom because they were obsessing over it in the kitchen; well, you would have thought it was a dance floor with a disco ball to boot. Raleigh was dancing, spinning and carrying on so much he could barely stand up on two feet. This was after a walk to Publix where they got some chocolate chip cookies, so the sugar could have something to do with it as well. However, we talked to the Hamilton clan in Perth this morning and they were back at it! No sugar at that point.

I uploaded the video to Blogspot, but videos take forever to upload here and now I cannot get it to play - anyone out there with suggestions - much appreciated if you do. So, I posted the same video to YouTube if anyone wants to see the boys shake their booties click here.

We made it to the park this weekend, despite the weather forcast of rain. They just love their new sand pit, aka, the park down the street. I love it too. Although, we do have to pull a redneck bath before they come in because these boys do everything big...even playing in the sand. We pulled out the old blue bucket that used to be used to wash them off after swimming in the old pool. They were so happy to have a bath outside. I swear, these boys would be nudists if we would let them. Then yesterday we used the blue tub as a sand pit in the backyard to try out the new sand and water toys from Target. Great toys for about $10. Little Tykes and they come in a bag to store them for easy travel - highly recommended by this mama!

The boys were invited to a birthday party this weekend as well. They tried a bounce house for the first time while all the older kids were inside opening presents. I would say bigger kids, but really, the boys were about the same size, or bigger then the three year olds at the party. These are going to be some tall, healthy boys! The backyard was about as fun as any pay to play indoor playground we have even been to. Wow, little T is one lucky boy!!!! The boys had a great time with all the trucks and tools in the play area.

We want to pass along our thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and everything we can to Matthew's Pa. He is in the hospital and are thinking of the whole Hamilton family during this time. We were so glad to see the boys' Great Nan this morning on Skype as well. Sending our strength all the way to Oz. Hope it reaches you all!!!


The Boys' First Month!