Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Week in Review: Zoo, Aquarium, Birthdays, the Usual

So we could not get all the twinkies in one shot, but this is as good as it gets.  I really love this age on days and moments like this, where all the kids will hold hands, and be sweet to each other.  Don't ask how I feel about the hitting and kicking, biting, throwing food stage though.  That is not one of my favorites.  Tonight we were talking to the grandies in Oz and the boys would not eat anything and were throwing everything they could.  Ugh.  If we took it away and tried to feed them one piece at a time they would just spit it out.  Oye vey.  I have to say it is most likely due to them not feeling well.  They did not eat much all day, and have runny noses again. 

But on a prouder note, Raleigh made a poo-poo on the potty again tonight.  They are consistently going pee-pee on the potty, not all day, but when we ask them.  Bad for us if we don't ask them I guess.  We are still not pushing them, but they are so happy to do it.  Raleigh is still doing a poopy every so often, but has not been as excited as he had been. We are happy that he is doing it at all so we'll take what we get!  Seriously tonight, I was so happy he was going on the potty though when he was pooing more then I have ever seen - EVER!  We flushed three times and had to use a plunger afterward.  I know, I know, too much info, but heck, this is the reality of our life.  
Here are Gus and little Miss A holding hands.  Gus held her hand and dragged her to the other end of the goat pen.  Too cute for words!

Happy Birthday to Nonnie Bon Bon.  The boys and Grandpa Pickles, and Nonnie Bon Bon and I went to Outback to celebrate.  They were so well behaved and had a ball despite a crazy nap day.  Good thing they have crayons.  The boys love to draw, and had fun watching their grandies color as well. 

The boys enjoying an up close view of a turtle.  This is still their favorite word, I swear.  They will yell it anytime, anywhere.  Plus, it is one of the best shots I have of them in their flannel Henley shirts.  We love them Auntie Kristy!
Not only did we hit the zoo, but we also managed to get to the aquarium for some fun times with friends too.  Loved to see the kids run wild and do a little dance on the lights on the floor.  They all sat down nicely and enjoyed a snack together too.  Gus got in on the hand action dragging Miss A around too.

This shot is for Poppy.  The boys can now ride in a space ship while I do some shopping.  Thank you Publix for continuing to supply us with easy to use double shopping carts.  Love the race cars, but this one is not as bulky and easier for me to navigate.  I am a good driver, I promise;)

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  1. I can't believe they are potty training themselves! They need to give A&E a lesson!


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