Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Sad Goodbye

This morning we were awoken by sad news that Matthew's grandfather, better known as Pa, had passed away.  Despite a valiant, and long fight against prostate cancer he sadly lost it with all his children and beautiful wife by his side.  We unfortunately, will not be able to say goodbye in person.  Our thoughts and strength is being sent all the way to Australia to help his family though this difficult time.  We were planning on visiting him this summer, but hopefully we'll still make the trip with the boys to see both of their Aussie great-Nans.  The only solace is that Pa was at peace with meeting his Maker and we have to seek some comfort in that.  I can say that Pa was seriously the most genuinely kind man.  He was also the epitome of a true Christian.  We know he will be missed, and just want to send all of our strength to Nan in particular.  She is also an amazing woman, strong and beautiful inside and out.

Despite the sad news, the boys had a wonderful week.  They were able to spend time with some fire fighters and dress up like pirates at a parade, so who wouldn't have fun.  Here are a few pictures of them enjoying both.  Augustus was hilarious in the fire truck; especially when one of the fire fighters tried to help him out.  He would not let go of the steering wheel.  He also had 12 month sized shorts on, which kept falling down, so he looks hilarious in them!

Yesterday, we spent a few hours at the Gasparilla kid's parade.  The boys had fun, but I think they were a bit overwhelmed when we first arrived.  By the end of the parade they were having a ball, mostly because of all the attention they received and the beads.  Oh, how they loved the beads.  They were even kind enough to put some beads on Amigo the dog's neck.

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  1. My thoughts go out to you and Matt. Im so sorry.


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