Friday, January 15, 2010

Thankfully, Some Sunshine and Temps in the 60's!!!

We have enjoyed a few days of sunshine, and weather above freezing...okay,not really freezing, but freezing to Floridians. Here are a few shots of the boys being overly sweet to each other, big kisses, hugs, holding hands, and the like. Love these moments, especially when they are spontaneous; however, they have to remind me they are toddler boys every now and again by shoving each other - and more recently pushing their friends - UGH!!!

The nasal drip seems to have stopped, or eased with the passing of the frigid air as well, so we have done a few things with friends. This has made for much easier days...for the most part.

Here are a couple shots of Raleigh and Gus playing instruments at the baby time at the library. The loved it! I think they were a bit more reserved then normal because it was their first time, but look out in the future!

Yesterday, it was a zoo day with friends. Fun times, great to hang with such good friends.

After a fun day at the zoo, the boys fell asleep in the car on the way back. It is only a 25 minute drive, but I could not keep them up. That was the kiss of death. They were not interested in going back to sleep and were wired up and over tired. I was just about to go upstairs when I heard a LOUD thud and then a scream. I knew who it was immediately and also knew what it was. Raleigh had scaled out of his crib. Now, we have already turned around the crib a few months ago to make it an even higher climb out. Subsequently, a this results in a very long way down. He was okay, but did manage to hit his mouth on the chair we have in their bedroom. We will be busy figuring out what we are going to do this weekend. We did push his crib up to another wall so he has only two ways over now, instead of three, and we moved the chair to a farther corner of the room. Hopefully the fall scared him a bit and he won't try it again...for a while. His lip has a small cut on it and his gums took a beating, but he seems just fine. I needed a few gin and tonics last night to help with my nerves! Thankfully, Grandpa Pickles called saying he had some yummy fresh mozzarella and gnocchi to drop by and he helped put a few smiles on their faces yesterday afternoon.

Today, we made it to a park. Great, little park. The only drawback, especially for this mama who loves her coffee, is that there is no restroom! Thankfully the other moms we had a play date with watched the boys for five minutes while I ran to the local Super Target! I am so lucky to have made such great other mommy friends!

Max and Ruby - you've seen the show, right? Annoying, and a bit concerning since you never see their parents, right???? Well, still, the boys love Max. Hmm, trouble maker, with big ideas, surprise, surprise! Here are a few pics of them enjoying their new Max dolls from Nons. I have to admit, although I loathe the show, the dolls are too cute!


  1. That park looks fun! Love the doll in the hood. Too cute!

  2. Those naps in the car can sometimes be a blessing, but other times a curse!


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