Monday, September 28, 2009

18 Month Checkup and then a Trip to MOSI

Today the boys went to the doctor for their 18 month checkups. All is great! They were not scheduled for any shots, which may have helped quell their fear of their pediatrician's office, but then we ruined that by getting them flu shots. They were troopers though. We went to a play date with one of our mom's groups at the Museum of Science and Industry. Boy was that worth the trip; that is one amazing museum for kids! Too bad I did not have my usual partners in crime to help with zone defense;) Luckily for me, the boys played together a lot. Plus it was fun to meet some new moms!!!

Here are their stats for 18 months.


  • 34 1/4 inches (95%)
  • 26.10 lbs (50%)
  • Head size is 19 3/4 inches (95%)
  • 34 inches (90%)
  • 25.2 lbs (50%)
  • Head size is 19 1/2 inches (90%)

Here is a video of the boys playing piano together for the first time! So cute.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Do You Not Love This Park?

Friday was the final swim lesson of the six week program. Korey, the best swim instructor we know, even gave the boys swim trophies - how exciting - their first trophies!!! We will keep going to Korey every few weeks to keep their skills up through the winter as well. Raleigh was so darn happy the last day of lessons he even swam back and forth between Korey and the stairs and without tears, and he even smiled! That was big progress!!! Rals seemed to excel after the heavy winter clothes test; it was as if the weight off him helped everything click and he started kicking his legs with proper posture for swimming. The next day was when he had the most fun with lessons. Yay Raleigh!

Gus in closet playing peek-a-boo with Raleigh after nap time was over!

Yup, this is Gus, he is so close to getting out of his crib. The good news is that we can turn the crib around to get an extra inch or two. We hope this delays the inevitable a little while longer. We head to the boys 18 month checkup on Monday morning, so we will have all their stats posted soon. I know they are tall. We see that when they grab anything and everything off the counters now!

This morning we decided to pack the boys up for a little road trip to Mommy and Daddy's old stomping grounds. This park is awesome and we wish it was a little closer to enjoy more often, but today was a great day for splashing around the fountains, checking out the bay while people and pet watching. The boys had a great time with a few dogs we met in the park too. Augustus was all giggles as the dogs kissed and licked him. The owners were super nice too! Hopefully they'll find this blog to see the pictures of their pooches! Enjoy a few pictures...there are literally hundreds of "good" shots.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raleigh Passed his Winter Float Test Too!

Yay for Raleigh! He passed his heavy winter clothes test today. His clothes were the same as Gus' yesterday but they were really, really heavy on the skinny man. However, Raleigh was a rock star and did great. No panic or disorientation like the first test. Yay buddy!!! He was quite relaxed, in fact, most of the crying on the video is from Augustus who was not happy about lessons today! Enjoy the video on the link through YouTube:
Raleigh waving hi to me!

Here's Raleigh - after getting dressed for his float test. He was less than thrilled and I fully understand, it is 90 degrees outside. Check out the flood pants. These are 12 month jeans from last year over his swim trunks, they still fit, but are way, way too short!!

Some cute shots of the boys as we got ready to go have lunch with Grandpa Pickles!!!

Here is a video of Raleigh learning to jump off the couch.
He is hilarious with his two fingers up salute...which is his new way of giving thumbs up! Hilarious little man. Side note - the boys do wear clothes, I swear they do...just lots of time outside, and then it is diapers when we come in until we do something else. Seriously, it is still 90 degrees outside, and still hot inside, so they like it. As long as they keep their diapers on, we are good in the hood!
I think we may be a bit redneck though...we started carrying the bubble bath outside and washing them in their tubs with fresh water after pool time. It really is easier then doing the whole bath thing when we are getting ready to go out. Nighttime is a different story, well, most of the time;) This from Midwest and Australian parents, oh the shame!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Came First, the Chicken, or the Egg? Plus, Gus passes his float test!!!

Yes, the boys have gotten smarter when it comes to the cats. Well, really it is just one cat, Mr. Willow. Checkers still stays far, far away from the boys. Here is a progression of them laughing and taunting the cat outside with water. Poor Willow must have been thirsty!

Catch me if you can!
These boys seriously are still infectious with their laughter, and how can you not smile watching them run around trying to get each other? They are even holding each others hands when we ask them to. The funniest thing in the world is to watch us run around the mall and all of us hold hands. Too cute! Yesterday I took them to DSW shoe store and they went crazy. No stroller, no backpacks, just run, run, run. Look at shoes, then on to the mirrors by their feet, then to the leather chairs to sit and watch Sportscenter, and then they both found the same shoe at different times, the only one they picked up, and it happened to be a bedazzled turquoise shoe; it must have spoken to them!

However, with moving to one nap consistently, especially after swimming lessons, they get very tired, quickly!!! Here is a view of lunch from last week.

Raleigh, very tired at lunch...
Augustus, even more tired at lunch...

They are really working on talking more. They can say "milk" and are better at saying "on." Gus seems to really have found his voice and is making all sorts of noises all the time. In the car he will say all the words he knows repeatedly. The boys both said Non in the car and made the "where's" sign after we dropped her off. Raleigh even managed on clear "Non-nie" as well.

Today, Augustus did his winter clothes float test. He passed!!! Raleigh is doing his tomorrow. Unfortunately, Rals has been dropping his feet in the water, so Korey wanted one more day to work with him. Little man is so tired that despite all the work they did today, he was still not keeping his kicks near the top of the water surface. I think it may have to do with some serious teething going on. All four of their incisors are coming in at once. Or it could be his toe. He dropped something on his toe this week and now his pinky toenail is hanging on by the cuticle and the toe is really bruised. It does not bother him walking or even with shoes on, but man - don't even think about touching it.
Poor little man!!!

Here are some video links via YouTube. I cannot stand waiting around for Blogger any more! It takes sooooo long, and then sometimes does not even post. YouTube works in minutes. Enjoy!!!
Gus swimming like a rock star =
First video of Gus going in full clothes =
Second video of Gus' float test =
Boys playing nice after dinner video -
Last, but not least, yesterday we went to Target with Nonnie. It is almost Halloween, and yes, they have costumes out, and even some Christmas decorations too - what the heck is that about???? We all know Grandpa Pickles is really Grandpa Chicken, but Nonnie saw a chicken costume and had to try it out! Here is a shot of her, and a priceless one of the boys laughing with her. Augustus did a darn good chicken impression as well!

The Boys' First Month!