Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Swimming Videos and My Favorite Things, Part III or Maybe it is IV

Here is how you swim with twins; make that twins who are just learning to swim. I had to upload it through YouTube again because Blogger just does not like to upload my videos very much these days. Definitely did not want to be on YouTube in my swim suit, but the video is too good not to share...

Fun times every day!!! Again, this is week four of swim lessons. They are pretty darn fearless! This week they also had their clothes test to see how they did when thrown in to a "real" life situation with clothes and shoes on in the pool. Raleigh did not pass, Augustus did. Rals went second and we noticed that whoever goes second gets pretty sloppy during their lesson. I wish I could clone myself sometimes to help keep them calm and away from the lesson until it was their turn, but alas, that has not worked yet!

Friday, the boys made a visit downtown to see Daddy. He is not there very often any more, so it was good to stop by and see him and ransack Jeff's office too!

Just a quick update on our favorite things the boys are now doing.

  • Mimicking language much more. The boys are able to say "on" when they want their favorite bus from Thomas and Friends turned on. They will try and try to say things if you ask them to, unless they are too busy to stop to talk. Gus has said "grandpa" a couple of times too instead of just pa, pa!

  • Raleigh taps his fingers when he is taking a little rest. For example, he has been running non-stop, sits down or lays down, and just drums his little fingers and usually looks up at us while he does it. Too cute for words!

  • Raleigh also does this look, a look that could kill. It is almost the "Dirty Harry" squint. I would love to know what this little drama-man is thinking most of the time!!!

  • Shaking their heads "no" and signalling "all done" for more then just food. Today in swim lessons Raleigh starting signing "all done" when he got in the pool with the instructor. Again today they did the "all done" sign in their car seats to say enough is enough. Driving to the Keys with them is going to be soooo much fun:(

  • Climbing, climbing, climbing. Not sure if it is a favorite, but they are doing it all the time. We had to lower the high chairs so they would not fall so far if they happen to fall after climbing in them. Yup, they can climb all the way into their high chairs at 17 months. Now we leave them on their lowest settings so if they want to explore, they don't have too far to fall on the tile!

  • The boys are seriously still the best 17 month old wrestlers we know! There is nothing malicious in their play most of the time as well, so it is fun to watch them interact with each other. Their giggles and pure joy of playing with each other was something we were not sure we would hear one day, and now, every day they fill the house with laughter. Amazing and purely uplifting for anyone who hears it!!!! Check out this video again on YouTube. More pictures at the bottom as well.
  • Whenever they see Grandpa Pickles, they look at him, think about it, then make their arms look like chicken wings, just wait for him to make his chicken sounds and dance. I think he may be Grandpa chicken...

  • They are still the best huggers. Seriously, the pat your back, squeeze their hands, and just love to cuddle. They love kisses as well, particularly after Matthew kisses me goodbye in the morning. However, they have a habit of opening their mouth wide, very wide, when they kiss. Gus has been known to slip his tongue in as well. What a fresh little man!

  • As of last Friday, Augustus was 27lbs, and Raleigh was 25.6lbs. Wow! They have grown sooooo much lately. Most of their 12 month clothing no longer fits, except Raleigh can squeeze into some 9-12 month pants/shorts. He really has no gut or bum. Augustus is really loosing his belly too. They have gotten incredibly tall. We go for their 18 month checkup later this month, and I am very interested to see how tall they are!

Last night we had a power outage and some much needed rain...resulting in squirrely boys. Here are some photos of our night. You can click on them to see them larger, but really, I have sooooo many pictures, so some just need to be squeezed in.


  1. I am SO impressed with their swimming skills. Those lessons are working!

  2. Thanks Sara! They are working, but I know they are going to be awesome when this is all said and done. Our other twinkie friends who used this instructor are sooooo good at swimming it is sick!


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