Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busch Gardens Trip with Nonnie and a Funny Thing Happened at Nap Time...

Yesterday was extremely long, not bad long, just long. I realized I am significantly out of shape after I felt pain until bedtime because I had dragged the boys in the wagon all over Busch Gardens. It is a huge amusement park, but that is just sad! I think I need to join a gym ASAP though. But back to yesterday, it was the first trip to Busch Gardens with Nonnie. The boys had fun; we all did. The boys nap schedule has been messed up with their snotty noses and the over-excitement from all the new toys. Today the boys were out for naps just after noon. I am crossing every bit of my being that they make it at least two hours. What happened to my two or three hour nappers? Hope they return once the snotties leave!

The boys got scared a few times at Busch Gardens though. First, we tried to run past the splash zone of Sheikra, one of the biggest, greatest roller coasters ever, but we did not make it. So we all got a bit of water on us and my mom in our usual fashion screamed and scared the be-Jesus out of the boys. Then later when we were in the orangutan area one of the orangutans came around the corner, right up to the glass viewing area that Raleigh was at, scared him, and he screamed and cried like I have never seen him before. However, they were fearless when face-to-face with tigers and gorillas. Go figure!
Tree climbing with Gus and Raleigh

Happy chappies, but not as enthusiastic about the rope bridges as when they went with Poppy!
Tiger, right in our faces!!! Beautiful
I asked Gus where the ice cream was to get him to look at the camera; however, he pointed to his mouth since he had just eaten some. Raleigh looking at Gus like he is crazy!!!

The day before, I had quite the surprise when I walked into the boys room after nap time was done. They had been up for about an hour laughing and giggling, but again, after no sleep for almost a week, I left them to their own devices in the safety of their cribs. I slowly opened up the door to check out what was so funny - seriously, wish I would have had a camera monitor on this day - and when I looked in I saw a very happy Raleigh looking at me. The kicker was he was completely naked. I then looked at Gus, and he was naked except his Pink Floyd t-shirt. Dude! That is why they were so happy, I suppose. Unfortunately, I looked a little closer and saw something on Raleigh's bumper...yup, it was what I thought it was. The good news is that at least it was Raleigh who took off his dirty nappy. The had folded it over, and had no poopy on his fingers, clothes, nothing, except the part of his soft bumper that he must have wiped himself on. Thank GOD nothing was on the walls, him, or the diaper was not thrown into the middle of the room like his clothes were. Lesson learned, onsies or zip up pj's for nap time from this day on!

Well, I am going to enjoy some down time...picking up toys, folding laundry, making chocolate covered strawberries, all the glamour things to prepare for a fun New Year's Eve. Wishing all of you a great night and an even better 2010. Seriously, I remember thinking how cool it was going to be to reach 1999, then 2000, but where the hell did the time go that we are about to start 2010? Man, I am feeling old...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catching Up

Well, today I got a nap in, so that was a bonus. It has been one of the busiest Christmases I can remember. I am exhausted, and based on the boys chatter in their cribs, they are super over-tired tonight too. Last night they were out cold by 6:45 pm. Wow! It was nice though since we had great friends in town from Oz and we were heading out to eat with them at one of our favorite Greek restaurants. Although the service was a little lacking and the garlic was a bit overpowering in everything - very unusual for them - it was still such a nice night out. We have missed seeing H & Jane terribly since they've moved back to Australia for a few years. Matty was definitely the happiest since his family was here last month. Very good to see him in better spirits, particularly during the holidays away from his parents. It was so great to see their baby girl Ashley walking all over and terrorizing the boys. Oh wait, I think it was the boys terrorizing her.
The boys are really territorial right now, and we will need many more play dates at our house for them to learn to share their new toys better. It is sad to see their good sharing stage come to an end...I know it will come back, but wow, the "mine" phase coupled with the throw themselves on the floor and cry when they don't get the toy they want stage, is trying to say the least. Raleigh really started the terrible twos this weekend. Gus was such a good boy though, so it was nice to see they were willing to take turns with something...
Ashley is about as cute as can be. She was killing me with her "I'm a Little Teapot" dance. This girl can really dance and is so darn happy. H & J - you are doing an awesome job as parents, it totally suits you both:) Miss you guys already!

Here are just a few pictures from our weekend.

In other random thoughts:

We want to send our love and kisses to "Auntie" Kristy. Hope you feel better soon. Six weeks will go by so quickly! It seem like just yesterday that you were merely six weeks preggers;) Love and miss you lots! My mom and I cannot wait to visit you when little baby girl number two arrives. Stay comfortable and get all the rest you can, while you can!
Thanks to Miss Eli for the awesome books. We will treasure them always. You are such an amazing person, and I am so glad you came into both my mom's and my lives. XO.

The boys got a special delivery from Australia today with more books for the boys. Thanks so much Great Uncle T and Aunt J. So kind, these boys will continue to be well read!!!

Tim Tams are HERE! Yuppers, thanks to our trusty friend Amanda, who texted us the 'alert,' we now have two new packages of Tim Tams. Pepperidge Farms is making the Australian cookie here. These are no knock-offs either, the real deal. Yay! Now if we could only find Vegemite in Target too, we'd be golden.

That is enough random thoughts by Brooke for this evening. Looking forward to a much quieter week, and hopefully less snot too! Good-night!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Happy Christmas from Matty, Gus, Rals and me.

I know, I know, it is shocking that I have time to blog on Christmas, but I do. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee from my brand new Keurig. Yummy, hot and quick - two thumbs up from me. Thanks Mom! The boys were fabulous this year. What a treasure to watch them light up with glee when they opened their presents. They were patient, thankful and eager to open the presents. We asked them if they liked Santa, and they said "ya, ya" which means they really like him...otherwise, it is just a "ya." We'll have plenty to do indoors with all the presents theyreceived. What lucky little men! Matthew and I scored some great gifts as well, so we are lucky and blessed too. I think my parents enjoyed their calendar and picture of the boys running naked into the Gulf. We showed Nannie and Poppy their presents via Skype since we totally slacked and did not get them in the mail before Christmas! We can always blame their postal strike...

We had a busy day yesterday with an early celebration at Nonnie and Pickles house for Christmas Eve. We ate, drank, and opened presents. Santa made his way to their house early as well. On the way home we were able to see some big, redneck Christmas light displays and some fireworks. Then we spent almost an hour Skyping with Nannie and Poppy in Oz on their Christmas Day. They watched the boys open presents, and their faces were so hilarious watching the boys tear into their presents and toys. The good thing is that they boys can say "thank you" or at least sign thank you (Gus). We then packed up and headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house down the road an hour. The boys were very well behaved and had fun checking out the boat, pool table, and third cousin Ella's toys. The boys were excellently behaved and only Raleigh fell asleep on the way home. Tonight it is Christmas dinner at our house. Steak and lobster...yummo on the lobster part for me! The boys are napping now, hoping for a good solid few hours so they can make it through the night. We miss all of you who we are not able to celebrate with this year. We hope you all have a safe holiday and survive the snow!!! We also hope Nan and Pop get some downtime after their busy season. Peta - we'll catch up when you are at a place with a better connection, we're saving the vet and dr. set presents until we can Skype! Love you all!
Raleigh giving Nonnie a big kiss and her present!

Eli - the boys LOVED the horse, Raleigh in particular, he is a little cowboy and was hard to get off of it. You are too sweet! XOXO.

Remote control "po po" and a firetruck!

Boys open the Lego Thomas the Train set with Nannie and Poppy on Skype in the background. The love this!!! Many fights know it is a good present then;)

Augustus being Gus, cracker in each hand, and one in the mouth:)

my mom enjoying mimosas at Harry's - delish, especially with my mom's fresh squeezed OJ!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holidays are Coming. Cookies - Check, Toys - Check, Wrapping - Not Yet

I cannot believe it will be Christmas Eve tomorrow. Where has another year gone? Last year at this time we were sipping champers in Australia with two little nine month olds. Looking back I can barely even recognize the chubby little men that made the trek across the world with us. What a great time. We sure will miss Nannie and Poppy and of course, Auntie Peta this year. Good thing we just saw them though. We have been laying low the past couple of days. Unfortunately, the boys got some runny noses going on. They may have caught something at the twin holiday party, we noticed a lot of snot, but it could also just be the colder weather. They are sleeping well, but are just full of snotties. Yuck! Of course, I should be wrapping their presents while they sleep, but alas, the blog was calling, oh, that and General Hospital;)

We had a play date at our house this week, and Augustus was displaying his usual selfish phase. He had it out again with his little friend "E" when she wouldn't give him the toy he wanted. Those two can go round and round, and it usually ends when Augustus is fully frustrated and attempts to bite her. Ugh. I am really hoping this phase passes quickly. I know it is just out of frustration, but it is frustrating to us as well.

Augustus, patiently putting on his sprinkles!
Rals, very determined with his decorations
Augustus, diving right into the cookies!

Today we spent the morning cooking cookies with Nonnie. I even got to take Augustus to Target by himself before we started; which he loved. They are so funny, when we drive by Target they point and want to go there. When I asked him if he wanted to go to Target he said "ya, ya" with such enthusiasm, so how could I resist. We got some last minute pressies and cookie cutters. Here are a few shots of the boys decorating one cookie on their own. Augustus ate his whole cookie, but did not do it until it was nice and decorated. Raleigh, he was more interested in the berries, trees and sprinkles to go on top of the cookie to eat it. He literally licked all the frosting off and picked up all the decorations and then left the cookie part whole. Thankfully, despite all the sugar, they fell asleep for naps early.

Gus points to his new hair cut.

Yup, that is right, Gus got his hair cut. For whatever reason, Gus' hair has been really dry, frizzy, and much lighter than Raleigh's hair has been. Thus, the impromptu chop this week. There is no way anyone could not tell these boys apart now! Although, Raleigh did get his bangs trimmed a bit.

The Boys' First Month!