Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We Miss You Auntie Peta!

We miss you Auntie Peta!!!

It is safe to say the boys genuinely adore Auntie Peta, and were so glad to have so much time with her on her first trip here. As proof of their sadness, the boys had an awful night sleep the night before Auntie Peta departed. It really made us feel like we had newborns again; seriously how did we survive months of that!?! They must have felt/sensed she was leaving, or seen her pack her tiny little backpack to go. Whatever it was, it passed after that night. They slept in until 9:30 after waking several times that night, for that I was thankful. Matthew and Peta had to get up and out by 4:30 am, and then Daddy headed to work to boot. By the time the boys and I woke, Auntie was in Miami. They did okay in the morning, but at lunchtime, they were pointing to the stairs and asking for "Pete." So sad. They did the same thing that night when Daddy got home and we were Skyping with Poppy and Nannie, "where Pete." Today, a few days after she has been gone they went into the guest room and pointed to the bed and said "Pete." Seriously, they are breaking my heart. At least Peta got to her destination and is enjoying her travel time so far.
The other heart wrenching thing was watching them kiss Nannie and Poppy on the big screen TV while we Skyped with them. It is so cool that we can hook our laptop to the TV so they can see Nannie and Poppy almost life size while we video call them. The boys gave them big kisses while saying goodbye and I think all of us were in tears!

On a brighter note, we had a fun play date yesterday at the zoo. The boys did better walking around and getting in and out of the stroller. They were too cute with their friends C & E (the "girlfriend") holding hands and running around the zoo. These four are fast friends!!! It was good to see our other twinkie mom friends too. Hopefully next time our MNO crew will be able to join us too - you were missed Miss M, S, and P.

Even more awesome news is that our new next door neighbor is a stay-at-home mom with an eighteen month old boy. We knew this going in to the move, but it is funny to see how good everyone gets along. The boys love having a playmate at all hours of the day without having to drive or walk far! Miss A is as sweet as pie too. Growing up my mom and my BFF's mom were so close, always hanging out and drinking coffee, enjoying grown up talk while my BFF K and I played Barbie or walked to the beer mart;) I hope Miss A and I can have that same relationship, and more importantly, the boys have a great friend too. The only drawback is her hubby is military, so they never know how long they will be in one place. Still, we'll enjoy it while we can. This morning the boys were playing with sidewalk chalk and little C stopped over to play chase with the boys before heading out. Most afternoons we get together for a half hour or hour just to have some chill time before dinner. It is great for the boys and a much needed sanity break on most days waiting for Daddy to get home. Just another reason to love the new house!!!

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