Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busch Gardens Trip with Nonnie and a Funny Thing Happened at Nap Time...

Yesterday was extremely long, not bad long, just long. I realized I am significantly out of shape after I felt pain until bedtime because I had dragged the boys in the wagon all over Busch Gardens. It is a huge amusement park, but that is just sad! I think I need to join a gym ASAP though. But back to yesterday, it was the first trip to Busch Gardens with Nonnie. The boys had fun; we all did. The boys nap schedule has been messed up with their snotty noses and the over-excitement from all the new toys. Today the boys were out for naps just after noon. I am crossing every bit of my being that they make it at least two hours. What happened to my two or three hour nappers? Hope they return once the snotties leave!

The boys got scared a few times at Busch Gardens though. First, we tried to run past the splash zone of Sheikra, one of the biggest, greatest roller coasters ever, but we did not make it. So we all got a bit of water on us and my mom in our usual fashion screamed and scared the be-Jesus out of the boys. Then later when we were in the orangutan area one of the orangutans came around the corner, right up to the glass viewing area that Raleigh was at, scared him, and he screamed and cried like I have never seen him before. However, they were fearless when face-to-face with tigers and gorillas. Go figure!
Tree climbing with Gus and Raleigh

Happy chappies, but not as enthusiastic about the rope bridges as when they went with Poppy!
Tiger, right in our faces!!! Beautiful
I asked Gus where the ice cream was to get him to look at the camera; however, he pointed to his mouth since he had just eaten some. Raleigh looking at Gus like he is crazy!!!

The day before, I had quite the surprise when I walked into the boys room after nap time was done. They had been up for about an hour laughing and giggling, but again, after no sleep for almost a week, I left them to their own devices in the safety of their cribs. I slowly opened up the door to check out what was so funny - seriously, wish I would have had a camera monitor on this day - and when I looked in I saw a very happy Raleigh looking at me. The kicker was he was completely naked. I then looked at Gus, and he was naked except his Pink Floyd t-shirt. Dude! That is why they were so happy, I suppose. Unfortunately, I looked a little closer and saw something on Raleigh's bumper...yup, it was what I thought it was. The good news is that at least it was Raleigh who took off his dirty nappy. The had folded it over, and had no poopy on his fingers, clothes, nothing, except the part of his soft bumper that he must have wiped himself on. Thank GOD nothing was on the walls, him, or the diaper was not thrown into the middle of the room like his clothes were. Lesson learned, onsies or zip up pj's for nap time from this day on!

Well, I am going to enjoy some down time...picking up toys, folding laundry, making chocolate covered strawberries, all the glamour things to prepare for a fun New Year's Eve. Wishing all of you a great night and an even better 2010. Seriously, I remember thinking how cool it was going to be to reach 1999, then 2000, but where the hell did the time go that we are about to start 2010? Man, I am feeling old...

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