Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Happy Christmas from Matty, Gus, Rals and me.

I know, I know, it is shocking that I have time to blog on Christmas, but I do. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee from my brand new Keurig. Yummy, hot and quick - two thumbs up from me. Thanks Mom! The boys were fabulous this year. What a treasure to watch them light up with glee when they opened their presents. They were patient, thankful and eager to open the presents. We asked them if they liked Santa, and they said "ya, ya" which means they really like him...otherwise, it is just a "ya." We'll have plenty to do indoors with all the presents theyreceived. What lucky little men! Matthew and I scored some great gifts as well, so we are lucky and blessed too. I think my parents enjoyed their calendar and picture of the boys running naked into the Gulf. We showed Nannie and Poppy their presents via Skype since we totally slacked and did not get them in the mail before Christmas! We can always blame their postal strike...

We had a busy day yesterday with an early celebration at Nonnie and Pickles house for Christmas Eve. We ate, drank, and opened presents. Santa made his way to their house early as well. On the way home we were able to see some big, redneck Christmas light displays and some fireworks. Then we spent almost an hour Skyping with Nannie and Poppy in Oz on their Christmas Day. They watched the boys open presents, and their faces were so hilarious watching the boys tear into their presents and toys. The good thing is that they boys can say "thank you" or at least sign thank you (Gus). We then packed up and headed to my Aunt and Uncle's house down the road an hour. The boys were very well behaved and had fun checking out the boat, pool table, and third cousin Ella's toys. The boys were excellently behaved and only Raleigh fell asleep on the way home. Tonight it is Christmas dinner at our house. Steak and lobster...yummo on the lobster part for me! The boys are napping now, hoping for a good solid few hours so they can make it through the night. We miss all of you who we are not able to celebrate with this year. We hope you all have a safe holiday and survive the snow!!! We also hope Nan and Pop get some downtime after their busy season. Peta - we'll catch up when you are at a place with a better connection, we're saving the vet and dr. set presents until we can Skype! Love you all!
Raleigh giving Nonnie a big kiss and her present!

Eli - the boys LOVED the horse, Raleigh in particular, he is a little cowboy and was hard to get off of it. You are too sweet! XOXO.

Remote control "po po" and a firetruck!

Boys open the Lego Thomas the Train set with Nannie and Poppy on Skype in the background. The love this!!! Many fights know it is a good present then;)

Augustus being Gus, cracker in each hand, and one in the mouth:)

my mom enjoying mimosas at Harry's - delish, especially with my mom's fresh squeezed OJ!

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