Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who Would Have Ever Thought Pooping on a Toilet Would be Soooo Exciting

If you would have asked me a few years ago if poop would have been such a big deal, something to write about in a blog, I would have laughed my head off. However, since these little men arrived in our world, poop has been a topic of serious discussions - i.e. "Augustus has not pooped yet, and it has been five days, what do we do, doctor?" and made us laugh - i.e. Augustus after we gave in and gave him milk of magnesia shot poop onto the wall and door, about four feet, at 3 in the morning, and poo-poo has really become an everyday topic - i.e. me asking them at least twice a day, "did you go poopy?"...they always answer which I always think "no, then what on Earth is that smell?"

Well, poop hit a new high this week when Raleigh decided he could make a poopy on the potty, and yes, before you ask, I do really talk like that! Another thing that I really did not think would happen in my life! The best part is that it was not on a fancy potty training seat or toilet training cover, just on our toilet in our half bath. He was so excited! Gus was there to cheer him on too until he grabbed the toilet brush and basin and made off into the kitchen.

It all started when I was about to change them for naps after lunch. They were pretty messy so I was stripping them down and throwing a pair of boxer-esque shorts on them. Well, in the meantime, I let them run around naked for a minute or two because they just love, right? Then I noticed Rals looked like he may have to poo-poo. So I asked him if he wanted to go poopy on the potty and he answered in a resounding "yeah, yeah." On the potty he went and I was shocked to see he was not just fake grunting as he usually does - what an actor I tell ya - but was making his serious poopy face. I had to check it out and I could see the actual poo coming out - I know, I know, being a mommy is quite glamorous at times;) I was so excited I think I scared the poopy back in. I went to grab the camera off the kitchen counter - not far, don't worry, I was right there the entire time - and was able to catch the momentous occasion on film. I know you are all shocked!!! He jumped off to check out his poopy prowess and the three of us had a great time looking in the toilet at the smallest piece of poo you have ever seen! Then I said, "Do you have to poopy more?" He said yes, so on the toilet he went again. This time he wanted to see his business, so he sat there with his head between his legs almost, and started peeing!!! Whew, close call, but no one got sprayed. The video is classic, and seriously, I know these kids will be scarred later in life when they get to see the clips!!! The most ridiculous part now is that every time he jumps on the toilet he has to get off and check the toilet. Really, really check mind you, with his head almost in the toilet. Nannie and Poppy got to see that for themselves yesterday on Skype - I am sure they were proud to see their grandson with his head in the toilet at such a young age. No poopy on the potty yesterday, but a few farts and another successful pee-pee. BTW - the boys are just 20 months, so we are so happy to have this progress, but are not ready for full fledged potty training.

Here's a picture of Rals with Dean. Raleigh really liked Dean and was impressed that he could hold all the trains he brought to "share" with him. Dean and Chick have not seen the boys for about a year, man have the little men changed! I think they were particularly impressed with Raleigh's affinity for sauerkraut.

A picture of the boys attacking Grandpa Pickles. This was also the first time they showed interest in his bald spot. Raleigh just kept slapping it and thought it was pretty funny. Watch out Uncle Tommy - next time he sees you, he'll probably have some fun...

No real other news to report, just lots of fun in the warm winter weather. We celebrated St. Nick's on the December 6th. St. Nick brought tiny toys for their stockings and some really cute t-shirts too! If you don't know what St. Nick's is about, Google it. It is a cherished tradition from my youth and I am passing it on to the boys. If we had wooden shoes for St. Nick to fill up that would be cooler, but the stockings with the boys names on it from Nannie and Poppy are pretty cool too. Auntie Peta got to experience they boys finding their stockings this year and even helped St. Nick pick out some pretty cool Paul Frank hockey shirts that the boys wore today.

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