Saturday, December 19, 2009

Exciting Week of Snow, Holiday Parties and More Poo to Boot!

So, the last post was about poo poo, this one won't be all that glamorous. However, last night as I was about to head out for a moms' night out Raleigh did another poo poo on the potty. Not to be gross, but it was amazingly huge for such a little man. Whoa Nelly, this potty training thing will be interesting! First, after dinner, Rals did a pee pee in the Ikea potty; then after we did a happy potty dance for him, he wanted to try to poo poo. After a few overly dramatic grunts, I turned the potty around to face the wall and walked a few feet into our kitchen and let him have a moment. I really wasn't expecting anything after he was being so goofy beforehand, but then he walked away from the potty all happy-chappy so I decided to walk over and look in. I almost got knocked over...there it was in all it's glory. No, I am not posting the picture, but I sure as hell did a Jon and Kate Plus 8 and made him stand next to his poopy for posterity!

On to other news. We have had another full week. I cannot believe Christmas is next week. We still have not put up a Christmas tree, but after visiting my friends M's house last night and seeing how beautiful it looked I am feeling a bit guilty. Then my BFF Kristy sent pics of her beautiful baby in front of their Christmas tree and I have to say I started feeling really, really guilty. Maybe tomorrow I can talk Matty into putting one up.
BTW - hoping Kristy is feeling much better today and has no more hospitalizations before the next beautiful baby girl arrives in February!!!!

Today we went to our multiple moms club holiday party. It was a blast for everyone who went, not just the kiddos. We even had a nice moms' night out last night and were all still able to make it to the play date by 10! Way to go moms!!! The boys loved the giant sized playhouse, the goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens and horse that were there too, in addition to all their favorite playmates. Of course Raleigh was overly excited to see his girlfriend E, and greeted her by telling her the flowers on her dress were lovely, then he proceeded to wrap his arms around her and give her a big kiss.
However, at lunch he was smitten by an older lady, Miss Issa. He just could not stop looking at her and following her around. This is little L's big sister, who Raleigh has also shown affection for too. The boy gets around. Santa made an appearance, but the boys were really not that interested, I think mostly because there was so much to do at the party. Candy canes were a brilliant idea to have close by, and that is the only thing that got them on the big guy's lap. Both boys rode a horse again. Daddy took Raleigh first, and I took Gus. Gus had a ball. He was waving to everyone as he rode, and hummed the whole time, which he has started to do when he is content. Aw!!

The start of the week was ridiculously hot, so we were able to go to Nonnie and Pickles pool. Truly, the experience was so much easier then it was a few months ago. I know we are going to have a ball this summer in the pool!!! Raleigh was about as happy as I have EVER seen him too. He did not lose any of his swimming skills and was a fish in the water. Gus is about where he left off too. He loves the water, but prefers to play, not swim. They had a ball with the grandies too!
The day before, they were at the park and it was too cute to watch them chasing their shadows.
The boys went to visit Daddy at one of the offices he works at and we went to a local park that has lots of lights on display for the boys to see. The loved it. We even stopped at Outback on the way home and they were so well behaved that it makes me feel a lot less anxious about doing it more often. We did not get bed until later then usual and they still were such wonderful little men.

The weather cooled down a bit later in the week, and we went to a play date at the aquarium one afternoon to see the "snow." In Florida snow is hard to come by, but they want to give the kids a chance to experience it. We were there for all of one minute of the fake snow, which was really this sudsy bubble product, but Gus wanted nothing to do with it, and just as Rals was getting excited it shut off. No worries though, the boys had a great time running around the outside explore a shore area with all their buddies. Until Gus almost bit one of his friends trying to "share" the helm of the ship with him. Mortifying to say the least. I have to remember that the day before they were so well behaved, so it gives me hope that the terrible twos won't be all bad. Gus did well in time out after the attempted bite, and did not do it again. I don't know what is up with the biting rampage again, but both boys have had good shots in on each other this week. Surely frustration over sharing, but we are working really hard on being good at taking turns. They are having good days and bad ones. I'll take it any day over heading to work though!
Below is a picture of Gus in the sea horse, by himself. He really is into "mine" and basically was not making any friends that particular's to hoping this phase is a short one!!!

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