Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holidays are Coming. Cookies - Check, Toys - Check, Wrapping - Not Yet

I cannot believe it will be Christmas Eve tomorrow. Where has another year gone? Last year at this time we were sipping champers in Australia with two little nine month olds. Looking back I can barely even recognize the chubby little men that made the trek across the world with us. What a great time. We sure will miss Nannie and Poppy and of course, Auntie Peta this year. Good thing we just saw them though. We have been laying low the past couple of days. Unfortunately, the boys got some runny noses going on. They may have caught something at the twin holiday party, we noticed a lot of snot, but it could also just be the colder weather. They are sleeping well, but are just full of snotties. Yuck! Of course, I should be wrapping their presents while they sleep, but alas, the blog was calling, oh, that and General Hospital;)

We had a play date at our house this week, and Augustus was displaying his usual selfish phase. He had it out again with his little friend "E" when she wouldn't give him the toy he wanted. Those two can go round and round, and it usually ends when Augustus is fully frustrated and attempts to bite her. Ugh. I am really hoping this phase passes quickly. I know it is just out of frustration, but it is frustrating to us as well.

Augustus, patiently putting on his sprinkles!
Rals, very determined with his decorations
Augustus, diving right into the cookies!

Today we spent the morning cooking cookies with Nonnie. I even got to take Augustus to Target by himself before we started; which he loved. They are so funny, when we drive by Target they point and want to go there. When I asked him if he wanted to go to Target he said "ya, ya" with such enthusiasm, so how could I resist. We got some last minute pressies and cookie cutters. Here are a few shots of the boys decorating one cookie on their own. Augustus ate his whole cookie, but did not do it until it was nice and decorated. Raleigh, he was more interested in the berries, trees and sprinkles to go on top of the cookie to eat it. He literally licked all the frosting off and picked up all the decorations and then left the cookie part whole. Thankfully, despite all the sugar, they fell asleep for naps early.

Gus points to his new hair cut.

Yup, that is right, Gus got his hair cut. For whatever reason, Gus' hair has been really dry, frizzy, and much lighter than Raleigh's hair has been. Thus, the impromptu chop this week. There is no way anyone could not tell these boys apart now! Although, Raleigh did get his bangs trimmed a bit.

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