Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

The boys celebrated their first Thanksgiving today. They enjoyed eating cooked cauliflower & a little turkey too:) It surprises me that they liked it so much after I was unable to eat much of the Thanksgiving dinner last year while I was pregnant with these guys.
We have a few videos of them eating below - too funny. It is hard to believe they are eating with their hands and chewing real food already; it seems like just yesterday we were hoping & praying that they would eat on their own enough to get released from the NICU. Amazing! The weather was so mild that we ate outside this year & had a nice walk after dinner. They both enjoyed eating & making a mess as usual. Enjoy the photos & video! We were all enjoying all the sounds they were making letting us know how much they enjoyed the feast.



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beachy Time in Florida

Dad with Raleigh
Mom with Augustus


Raleigh, our little Abercrombie model for babies:)

Raleigh "holding" Gus' hat!

Happy family!

The boys are doing awesome! They are down to three meals a day now with a night time bottle thanks to the suggestion of another "twinkie" mom. This is great; it means we can travel without worrying about feeding in the middle of a zoo or aquarium trip, for example. Next task is to work on getting them past the 4:30/5 am feeding. They just keep holding on:) They are asleep every night by 7 am and usually go back to bed until about 7 am...but still want to cuddle with mommy about 4:30 in the morning.

Last weekend we had one of Brooke's former co-workers take pictures of the boys & us at the beach. They turned out so amazing, we are overwhelmed with them. It will be hard to pick out this year's Christmas pictures!! It turned really cold towards the end, so some of the pictures have pink noses & cuties looking a bit tired, but all in all, they did great.

Lately, both boys have been so vocal. Augustus is saying "ba, ba, ba, ba, ba" and "ma, ma, ma, ma" all the time, but of course not correlating the ba's and ma's with a bottle or mommy...yet. Raleigh just wants to make raspberries and "wa wa's" as we call them. He has his hands in his mouth all the time looking for new noises. Both are so darn cute =)

We are counting sleeps until our big trip. It is so exciting, we just can't wait to see Nannie & Poppy in person, but we are a bit overwhelmed with the daunting task of packing and of course the actual travel there & back! So worth it, so we will suck it up!!

The Hamiltons

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aquarium and just plain busy!!

Dad & Raleigh in the much fun!!

Checking out the outside tanks, Augustus is obviously happier about it!

So much to see, but probably more interested in their rattles:)

Happy dad with the new stroller

Ditto for mom, loving Raleigh's let up on the handle bar for his foot rest:)

Dad showing Raleigh the fish, but he is looking back smiling at all the people!

The boys have been so busy lately, I don't know who is more worn out! We took them to the aquarium this afternoon with their twin buddies Brooks & Emma. We took their new jogging stroller & LOVED it!!!! This was after they had a fun night with Nonnie Boni & Grandpa Pickles on Friday while mom & dad were on a date night to Phantom of the Opera. Plus their morning was spent supervising a short garage sale. Tomorrow they will be getting pictures taken in the afternoon after visiting with Nonnie & Pickles again in the morning. Mom & Dad are looking forward to a sleep in!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Day at the Beach

Raleigh checking out the sand on the towel

Mom with her hands full...and she wonders why her back aches???

Augustus, aka Elvis!

Augustus dips his toes in, this is November, and the water is fine!

Uncle Tom, Gus showing his love

CLASSIC boys, one is always poking or prodding the other...

The boys are doing awesome. We are amazed by them every day. They are so chill around other people & don't stop when they are around their toys. Brooke took them to beach again, and they had a ball. Even with a head cold, they enjoyed the sunshine and thought it was the best medicine! They went to the doctor just to make sure it was not another ear infection, and it was not. Raleigh weighed in at 19lb 1 ounce, so he is definitely catching up to Augustus who weighed in at 20lb 13oz. Tomorrow we head to visit Uncle Harry, Aunt Lynn & second cousin Hal. That means back to the beach. We are also doing pictures on Monday, our first with a professional. God knows they get enough of the flash bulbs from mom:)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

The boys had a fun, exciting Halloween. They spent the morning at a playdate with other multiples and the evening seeing a few trick or treaters. Unfortunately, the change to the cooler weather has brought a head cold to both boys. They are doing okay with it, but lots of runny noses.

The Boys' First Month!