Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aquarium and just plain busy!!

Dad & Raleigh in the much fun!!

Checking out the outside tanks, Augustus is obviously happier about it!

So much to see, but probably more interested in their rattles:)

Happy dad with the new stroller

Ditto for mom, loving Raleigh's let up on the handle bar for his foot rest:)

Dad showing Raleigh the fish, but he is looking back smiling at all the people!

The boys have been so busy lately, I don't know who is more worn out! We took them to the aquarium this afternoon with their twin buddies Brooks & Emma. We took their new jogging stroller & LOVED it!!!! This was after they had a fun night with Nonnie Boni & Grandpa Pickles on Friday while mom & dad were on a date night to Phantom of the Opera. Plus their morning was spent supervising a short garage sale. Tomorrow they will be getting pictures taken in the afternoon after visiting with Nonnie & Pickles again in the morning. Mom & Dad are looking forward to a sleep in!

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