Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Day at the Beach

Raleigh checking out the sand on the towel

Mom with her hands full...and she wonders why her back aches???

Augustus, aka Elvis!

Augustus dips his toes in, this is November, and the water is fine!

Uncle Tom, Gus showing his love

CLASSIC boys, one is always poking or prodding the other...

The boys are doing awesome. We are amazed by them every day. They are so chill around other people & don't stop when they are around their toys. Brooke took them to beach again, and they had a ball. Even with a head cold, they enjoyed the sunshine and thought it was the best medicine! They went to the doctor just to make sure it was not another ear infection, and it was not. Raleigh weighed in at 19lb 1 ounce, so he is definitely catching up to Augustus who weighed in at 20lb 13oz. Tomorrow we head to visit Uncle Harry, Aunt Lynn & second cousin Hal. That means back to the beach. We are also doing pictures on Monday, our first with a professional. God knows they get enough of the flash bulbs from mom:)

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