Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is it Possible that Potty “Training” is Over?

I know this is another post about PT, but really, it is not all about the potty. I feel like the “training” part is actually over.  They get it, they really do.  No more accidents (knocking wood just a little bit), they are communicating they have to go and we’ve been out and about quite a bit as well, and they are amazing on all types of potties, even the ones that flush while they are sitting on them (I think they like to watch it flush).  Again, proud does not even begin to describe how we feel, but seriously, we have nothing but pride for these boys and their ability to change and grow without much strain on anyone!  Love them, love them, love them.  Impressive boys.  Okay, enough gloating.


We headed to Busch Gardens yesterday with a bunch of twin friends.  It was loads of fun. Although, I think part of me melted away, it was so hot.  The boys did not seem to mind one little bit.  They had a ball.  Augustus was flirty ceaselessly with Miss A.  He has been crushing on her since before he could walk.  She is the older woman, and together, they are the fluffiest, blondest, bluest eyed little ones you swear you have ever seen. So basically, cuter than cute!

busch with friendsrals does his best evolution pose;) rals, too fricking cute gus is still in love gus in love! 

Today the boys had an adventure with a monarch butterfly.  So awesome.  The butterfly was in love with Augustus and vice versa.  Raleigh was a big old fraidy cat.  He jumped and squirmed when it was on his shirt, but he wanted him on him so badly.  Too funny.  Pretty indicitive of their current personalities. Gus will try just about anything, and Raleigh is a bit more hesitant until he feels comfortable.  But then, look out!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Potty Training Updates

We are ridiculously proud of these boys!  They have been doing amazingly with potty training.  Augustus continues to wake up from naps and overnight dry.  Raleigh is generally dry at nap, but usually has a bit of pee pee in his pull ups.  I think next week we’ll ditch the pull ups overnight to see if that helps him not feel like he has a safety backup. Augustus only had two accidents since the last update, and unfortunately, both were poop accidents.  However, I had to run upstairs after their breakfast to get some towels for our beach excursion and he did it while I was gone.  Matthew was with the boys yesterday morning and the same thing happened.  Raleigh is excellent at telling us when he has to go to the bathroom; which I really did not expect within the first week of training.  Yesterday, we spent a few hours at the pool and he even asked to use the potty during swimming – something he loves more than anything and hates to take a break from.  He even did his first poopy on a public potty.  Wow!  Those of you without kids, I know this is totally not exciting stuff…but for us it is amazing!!! 

On day four of the potty training, we went out to the beach with our twinkie group.  I was a little hesitant, but I figured the beach was the best place to test out the waters, so to speak.  I did not put pull ups for the drive to the beach and both boys were dry when we arrived, then went to the potty in the public restrooms, and we also had our handy Ikea potty with for emergencies.  The boys both used the little potty again before we left and stayed dry the entire ride home.  The ride took even longer because we had to find a gas station and were slowed down by a big accident about a mile from our house.  Then we even went on a trip again in the evening to pick Nonnie up from work and drive her home and still, no accidents!  That was over two hours of driving time and no mess. Yay!

Not all of our life is about the potty, like I mentioned above, we went to the beach and the pool with friends.  Fun times!  The beach was doable on my own with a little help from some fantastic twin Moms, but the pool I had lots of help from my mom.  The boys good friend little C was there with his adorably pregnant Mommy, too.  Gus of course is in love with Miss A, and was all over her and her “assets.”  Got to love those Hamilton men!  Thank goodness for Nonnie and Miss A, there is no way to do the pool on my own!  These boys never stop.  It is amazing the energy they have.  Like little energizer rabbits.  Matt’s Nan always says, you can teach a child to calm down, but you really cannot wind them up. So true, so true.  I have to remind myself of that wisdom every once and a while when they are just all out, all the time!  Enjoy a few shots from our week! beach bums! 6.26

gus happy beach bum running fun! running fun! (2)

rals watery cheese boys fist pumping boys hanging in the water gus gus swims (2) rals splashing rals under water

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Potty Training Day Three

The morning started out so rough, with two major pee pee accidents, but by 11 am we were really on a roll and it just kept going all day.  We even made a quick trip to visit Grandpa Pickles after naps and they peed before leaving, twice while there and again when we got home, accident free!!!  Raleigh was on point with pooping and told me prior to each on one before successfully heading to the potty.  Augustus was poop free today.  I think he is a bit more hesitant to poop on the potty, but he is really good at trying to pee often, and is starting to say he has to pee pee.  He was dry again during naptime!  Yay!!! I think we’ll keep going staying close to home, although it may be driving us all a little nuts, but hopefully within a few more days we’ll be braver to get out.  Daddy of course is home this weekend, so we’ll take the tag team approach and hopefully get things clicking.

Night time has been interesting so far…I am still listening to Raleigh talk in bed at almost 8:30. They are usually out by 7:30. He has talked about his bum itching (pull-ups), and about all his family, in particular Papa Pickles, and all sorts of crazy talk.  Hello, too many M&Ms after dinner!!!!  All in all, successful day three. I am pretty exhausted with another 12 hour pee pee and poo poo watch.  When I say watch, I really mean watch.  It is an all day event watching for signals of going to the potty to help them realize that feeling and be able to potty completely on their own without such vigilance.  Of course, I know it won’t be completely on their own, there is still the wiping and all that comes with toddlers using the toilet! Thank goodness for DVR and a new season of Top Chef to help decompress tonight…wine would be so good too, but diet, smiet!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Potty Training Day Two

The morning was awesome, the late afternoon not so much.  But we are not deterred, nope, not one bit.  I know they are getting it.  Just waiting for a real click to turn on. 

This morning Augustus had a half an accident since he started peeing, stopped, and looked at me in horror, and finished his pee on the potty.  Huge success in that Gus stayed completely dry during his THREE hour nap.  Raleigh had a little pee in his pull-up, but not nearly as much as yesterday.  However, we made huge progress today in another area.  We finally stopped doing milk right before naps and bedtime.  Yay!  Of course, they've been off bottles for a long time, but we did sippies with a little milk before each just as a calm down period.  It has been their habit - yes, induced by us - since they were teeny-tinies.  They were not fully happy about it, but went to sleep like champs without shedding a tear.  Hoping that this will help us move towards no pull-ups during sleep really soon!

The inevitable happened...they both started a poop in their pants.  It happened as Matthew was getting home and we were talking and I was still cleaning up the kitchen.  Raleigh first, Augustus soon thereafter.  Thankfully they had undies on...something they are not always willing to do.  They still love to be nekkid!  Both realized they had done it and ran for the potty right away.  Again, we'll take it. I can see that they get it, and tomorrow is day three of boot camp potty training, so hoping they really click tomorrow. 

The stickers were a really big incentive today.  The M&M's were still a goal for Raleigh, but Gus was really all about getting stickers.  We have also stopped washing up in our half bath's sink.  It is too high, even with our Ikea step stool, and they are such water babies, that all they want to do is play with it and splash it everywhere, which is not only bad for the paint, but more importantly, dangerous for the boys since it makes the tiles ridiculously slippery.  So, we've moved on to antibacterial hand wash for now.  I am not a fan of the stuff because I don't want the boys to grow resistant to every bug out there, but, we are talking fecal contaminants here, so I guess it is not that bad...aren't you glad you read my blog;) I guess that is my only suggestion, or word of wisdom for this day, except that I also firmly believe no TV during potty training.  That was a contributor to the first day's accidents, and it definitely just takes away from the constant vigilance that potty training takes.  Here's hoping tomorrow is another success and we can make it out into the real world on Friday!

Boys 2nd Birthday Slideshow!

Just click on Raleigh's picture and you can view them all. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I did!  They are great pictures by my friend Sara, who is just starting out her own photography business!  Please let me know if you want Sara's information.Simply amazing shots!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Potty Training Day One!

Well, I am going to do a running commentary today as we are home all day.  The boys are fully occupied with new toys (mostly in part to our toy swap and the moms’ of multiples meeting last night), play dough and of course, lots of juice flowing and the occasional M&M for doing their duty on the potty.  We are actually playing the songs that came with our Pull Ups video on potty training as I begin this post this morning.  They love it and have watched it three times in a row (don’t worry, it is less than five minutes long).

   pull ups video for inspiration (2)

We started our day outside after breakfast, in our new undies they each picked out. 

potty training day one, first step, pick your undies!potty training day one, first step, pick your undies! (2) gus play dough in his undiesrals does his best to be a redneck, did not work! (2)

They did not pee or poo outside for an hour, but they also did not have any accidents.  We moved inside – goodness, it is hot even at 8:30 in the morning – and they both made a pee pee on the potty.  They were ridiculously psyched to get an M&M color of their choosing after the big celebration. 

I also started out the day setting a timer for every ten minutes to make them sit down and get a sticker for even trying, but really, they are kind of past this idea.  They were like “why are you asking if we have to pee every ten minutes, Mom?”  So, we skipped that tool…I may have stopped too soon as you read on.  As of 10:30 Gus had peed three times, and Raleigh only once.  Seriously, Rals not only has a steel trap mind, but a steel trap bladder to boot!  I think I have peed four times more than them combined.  Of course, I am on a diet where I drink over 160 ounces of water a day…and coffee, too!


Well, it took until 11 am, but the first accident happened.  For both.  No biggie.  Just saying “pee pee goes in the potty” after each one. They were back into the swing of things after that; however, I moved play time to the tile only! After lunch Raleigh even went poo poo on the potty without prompting.  He stood up and declared “teeny tiny.”  I knew exactly what he meant, because he has done this before after a teeny, tiny poop.  About ten minutes later, he said “poo poo” and proceeded to sit on the potty chair and went a BIG poopy!  YAY!!!  Party on the potty!  Gus tried and tried to poo poo, but to no avail before nap time. 

I have to laugh because both boys needed to go to  the potty once I put them in their rooms for naps.  Gus tried to poo for almost five minutes before I just had him give up and head to bed. Then of course, Raleigh wanted to pee pee when I put Gus back in the room.  He tried, but I only waited two minutes because both had made huge pees right before bed. I am really proud of their morning!  I thought nap time would be more difficult, but they fell asleep promptly after their potty excursions.  They only went down 20 minutes later than their usual.  Yay boys. 

I don’t know how many times I said I was proud, but wow, I am one proud mama today!!! The one thing I was not expecting was for a few tears about wanting diapers.  Hmm, that sucked.  All in all though, they were pretty excited.  More excited to be naked than in underpants though, so tomorrow we’ll try for a more civilized day;0

The bonus for the day was the over three hour nap the boys graced me with!  Thank you boys!!! I got time to clean up and clear out the changing table and diaper genie, rearrange cubbies in the storage unit, and most importantly have some good girl talk on the telephone – a serious rare occurrence for me!

The afternoon was much of the same. Lots of potty success.  The only other missteps were that I did not have the pull ups for night time ready, so I had to run downstairs for them while they boys were naked after showers.  Darn Matthew having to work late night one!  I really should have tried to get them on the potty before heading down….so it is no surprise that Gus left a little pee pee on his towel.  Nonetheless, I would say this was a very successful day of potty training.  The biggest hints and suggestions I can give is to start introducing your kiddos to the idea of going on the potty early and often. I always talked about “mommy” having to go pee pee on the potty, and talked about flushing and saying good-bye to the pee or poo and of course, about washing my hands afterwards.  They caught on early and although I did not force them to use the potty prior to today, I did ask them if they wanted to, or had to go, and usually they would do so.  Additionally, of course being a huge cheerleader and supporter of any attempt and of course actual use of the potty is the best thing for them.  They love the support and sense of self achievement most of all!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Well, we are ready. All of us, so we are taking the plunge.  Yup, that is right, stepping down the road of twin potty training at just over two years old.  Whew, it took me a while to come to grips that at some point I will have to do this.  I mean, would you want to take two boys to a public restroom and let them do their business?  That is my biggest concern.  Not that they are going to make messes all over the house, although, I am sure that will occur, too.  Not that I will double my laundry, as I am sure that will happen too, but really, who minds an extra load when I could easily do one a day anyway.  Nope, despite the boys ability to use the potty for months, I have been fearful of taking them out once they are trained.  Well, and of course, let’s not forget the being locked at home for a while during the actual potty training.  The best thing we found recently was some boxer-briefs so the boys can be just like Daddy.  However, they will have lots of undies to choose from.  This should hopefully help us make it through day one;)
In our farewell to getting out in our usual ease, we headed to Busch Gardens today with A&J.  It was pretty much a perfect day to go.  No crowds, at least where we were, and the clouds provided a little relief from all this ridiculous heat! The boys had a ball in the splash area, and the big train, but I think they had the most fun at the learning center where they could color and pick their own instruments to shake to.  Enjoy a few pictures.  We’ll be sure to update on the boys’ progress soon. 
 jungala playtime gus has fun with the rain stickjungala playtime gus loves the lady   IMG_0984jungala playtime rals rainstick jungala playtime rals pure blissjungala playtime tree - gus climbs (2)jungala playtime tree - gus climbs  the boys and me, the only one looking at miss kim! bat watching good color
This look is hilarious, it is of the boys as we went through the train tunnel!train - boys going thru the tunnel - priceless! (2) train riding - gus checking everything out  boys and me on the train gus talking to the girls

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!

Today we celebrated Father’s Day; which, I have to say, was extra sweet this year.  Not only because the boys can say “Happy Daddy’s Day” or actually, “Happy Birthday Daddy Day” from Raleigh, but we got to celebrate with my Dad.  After a few weeks of real heart issues, it was nice to know we were able to enjoy the day with Grandpa Pickles!  The news from his procedure last week was not great.  They were not able to restart his heart because he still has a blood clot and his heart is extremely enlarged.  He is on increased meds to help with the clot and goes for a follow up on Tuesday.  Thankfully, he still has an amazing attitude and has continued to eat well and not dwell on all of this. 

happy father's day papa pickles happy father's day papa pickles (2)

We started the day with a Skype call to Nanny and Poppy.  The boys were actually pretty calm, so they got to get a little talking in between playing.  Then we went to the park and had some good times with Daddy.  The boys were wiped out and went to bed early, but then woke up early.

swingers  daddy day tree climbing daddy day tree climbing (2) gus big swinger (3)  gus big swinger (2)   gus running  to give daddy a hug raleigh, only smiles after being down from tree... rals and daddy ,loverals big swinger (2)

Once the boys were up, we headed to Nonnie and Papa Pickle’s house.  We were dressed for the pool, but the weather delayed our trip.  Thank goodness we were still able to get to the pool; you would hate to take the pool time from them!  They are true fish!!!  They jump in, swim to you or the pool sides or ladder, and love to go under water and just look around and explore.  They even were jumping off and heading to the bottom of the pool.  Seriously, they are just two years old. Wow!!!gus and me! rals and me!  gus blowing bubbles

Here are a few of our favorite things.  It has been a while since updating, but here they are.

Raleigh gets excited about the smallest things and shows his excitement with this little voice inflection that cannot stop the grouchiest person from smiling.  He either makes a little squeal that inflects up, or just inflects the word in the sweetest way. 

Augustus has continued his personality change.  He is much more assertive lately.  Finally!  He no longer lets Raleigh be the boss of everything. I think the real reason he is feeling more leader-like is his language continues to blossom.  It is so fun to see and watch them and their twin dynamics! The other day I could not understand what Gus was saying, so Raleigh helped interpret it for me.  At least they both understand each other really well!

They continue to find tools and trucks the most interesting things around.  They even use a play electric screw driver to remove all the screws on this really cool Caterpillar truck from Nonnie.  Augustus seems to be a bit more mechanical in his ability to get it apart and together. 

Good nights are back to being a love fest for the boys.  They both want to kiss each other in their beds.  They also want to kiss both cheeks and the mouth of everyone at night time.  It is really too cute for words!

Here are a few shots of our week; which included a crafty play date at the besties house making fish shirts for Poppy.  Yup, those are real snappers on the t-shirt with paint on it to make a stamp.  Wow!

gnr paint fish and star fish (2) fishy shirt!


dolls!  lovey brothers! (2)

Here you can see Gus with his first hair cut by mom.  Seriously, I used the clippers and everything.  Not too bad if I do say so myself;)

hair cut see edge

 big boys swim and jump!!! (5) big boys swim and jump!!! (6)

Here is a video of the boys jumping in to the pool on Saturday.  Again, this is amazing stuff!  I love to see all the people in the pool watching the boys.  They are dumbfounded every time!

The Boys' First Month!