Sunday, June 27, 2010

Potty Training Updates

We are ridiculously proud of these boys!  They have been doing amazingly with potty training.  Augustus continues to wake up from naps and overnight dry.  Raleigh is generally dry at nap, but usually has a bit of pee pee in his pull ups.  I think next week we’ll ditch the pull ups overnight to see if that helps him not feel like he has a safety backup. Augustus only had two accidents since the last update, and unfortunately, both were poop accidents.  However, I had to run upstairs after their breakfast to get some towels for our beach excursion and he did it while I was gone.  Matthew was with the boys yesterday morning and the same thing happened.  Raleigh is excellent at telling us when he has to go to the bathroom; which I really did not expect within the first week of training.  Yesterday, we spent a few hours at the pool and he even asked to use the potty during swimming – something he loves more than anything and hates to take a break from.  He even did his first poopy on a public potty.  Wow!  Those of you without kids, I know this is totally not exciting stuff…but for us it is amazing!!! 

On day four of the potty training, we went out to the beach with our twinkie group.  I was a little hesitant, but I figured the beach was the best place to test out the waters, so to speak.  I did not put pull ups for the drive to the beach and both boys were dry when we arrived, then went to the potty in the public restrooms, and we also had our handy Ikea potty with for emergencies.  The boys both used the little potty again before we left and stayed dry the entire ride home.  The ride took even longer because we had to find a gas station and were slowed down by a big accident about a mile from our house.  Then we even went on a trip again in the evening to pick Nonnie up from work and drive her home and still, no accidents!  That was over two hours of driving time and no mess. Yay!

Not all of our life is about the potty, like I mentioned above, we went to the beach and the pool with friends.  Fun times!  The beach was doable on my own with a little help from some fantastic twin Moms, but the pool I had lots of help from my mom.  The boys good friend little C was there with his adorably pregnant Mommy, too.  Gus of course is in love with Miss A, and was all over her and her “assets.”  Got to love those Hamilton men!  Thank goodness for Nonnie and Miss A, there is no way to do the pool on my own!  These boys never stop.  It is amazing the energy they have.  Like little energizer rabbits.  Matt’s Nan always says, you can teach a child to calm down, but you really cannot wind them up. So true, so true.  I have to remind myself of that wisdom every once and a while when they are just all out, all the time!  Enjoy a few shots from our week! beach bums! 6.26

gus happy beach bum running fun! running fun! (2)

rals watery cheese boys fist pumping boys hanging in the water gus gus swims (2) rals splashing rals under water

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