Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Potty Training Day Two

The morning was awesome, the late afternoon not so much.  But we are not deterred, nope, not one bit.  I know they are getting it.  Just waiting for a real click to turn on. 

This morning Augustus had a half an accident since he started peeing, stopped, and looked at me in horror, and finished his pee on the potty.  Huge success in that Gus stayed completely dry during his THREE hour nap.  Raleigh had a little pee in his pull-up, but not nearly as much as yesterday.  However, we made huge progress today in another area.  We finally stopped doing milk right before naps and bedtime.  Yay!  Of course, they've been off bottles for a long time, but we did sippies with a little milk before each just as a calm down period.  It has been their habit - yes, induced by us - since they were teeny-tinies.  They were not fully happy about it, but went to sleep like champs without shedding a tear.  Hoping that this will help us move towards no pull-ups during sleep really soon!

The inevitable happened...they both started a poop in their pants.  It happened as Matthew was getting home and we were talking and I was still cleaning up the kitchen.  Raleigh first, Augustus soon thereafter.  Thankfully they had undies on...something they are not always willing to do.  They still love to be nekkid!  Both realized they had done it and ran for the potty right away.  Again, we'll take it. I can see that they get it, and tomorrow is day three of boot camp potty training, so hoping they really click tomorrow. 

The stickers were a really big incentive today.  The M&M's were still a goal for Raleigh, but Gus was really all about getting stickers.  We have also stopped washing up in our half bath's sink.  It is too high, even with our Ikea step stool, and they are such water babies, that all they want to do is play with it and splash it everywhere, which is not only bad for the paint, but more importantly, dangerous for the boys since it makes the tiles ridiculously slippery.  So, we've moved on to antibacterial hand wash for now.  I am not a fan of the stuff because I don't want the boys to grow resistant to every bug out there, but, we are talking fecal contaminants here, so I guess it is not that bad...aren't you glad you read my blog;) I guess that is my only suggestion, or word of wisdom for this day, except that I also firmly believe no TV during potty training.  That was a contributor to the first day's accidents, and it definitely just takes away from the constant vigilance that potty training takes.  Here's hoping tomorrow is another success and we can make it out into the real world on Friday!

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