Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Potty Training Day One!

Well, I am going to do a running commentary today as we are home all day.  The boys are fully occupied with new toys (mostly in part to our toy swap and the moms’ of multiples meeting last night), play dough and of course, lots of juice flowing and the occasional M&M for doing their duty on the potty.  We are actually playing the songs that came with our Pull Ups video on potty training as I begin this post this morning.  They love it and have watched it three times in a row (don’t worry, it is less than five minutes long).

   pull ups video for inspiration (2)

We started our day outside after breakfast, in our new undies they each picked out. 

potty training day one, first step, pick your undies!potty training day one, first step, pick your undies! (2) gus play dough in his undiesrals does his best to be a redneck, did not work! (2)

They did not pee or poo outside for an hour, but they also did not have any accidents.  We moved inside – goodness, it is hot even at 8:30 in the morning – and they both made a pee pee on the potty.  They were ridiculously psyched to get an M&M color of their choosing after the big celebration. 

I also started out the day setting a timer for every ten minutes to make them sit down and get a sticker for even trying, but really, they are kind of past this idea.  They were like “why are you asking if we have to pee every ten minutes, Mom?”  So, we skipped that tool…I may have stopped too soon as you read on.  As of 10:30 Gus had peed three times, and Raleigh only once.  Seriously, Rals not only has a steel trap mind, but a steel trap bladder to boot!  I think I have peed four times more than them combined.  Of course, I am on a diet where I drink over 160 ounces of water a day…and coffee, too!


Well, it took until 11 am, but the first accident happened.  For both.  No biggie.  Just saying “pee pee goes in the potty” after each one. They were back into the swing of things after that; however, I moved play time to the tile only! After lunch Raleigh even went poo poo on the potty without prompting.  He stood up and declared “teeny tiny.”  I knew exactly what he meant, because he has done this before after a teeny, tiny poop.  About ten minutes later, he said “poo poo” and proceeded to sit on the potty chair and went a BIG poopy!  YAY!!!  Party on the potty!  Gus tried and tried to poo poo, but to no avail before nap time. 

I have to laugh because both boys needed to go to  the potty once I put them in their rooms for naps.  Gus tried to poo for almost five minutes before I just had him give up and head to bed. Then of course, Raleigh wanted to pee pee when I put Gus back in the room.  He tried, but I only waited two minutes because both had made huge pees right before bed. I am really proud of their morning!  I thought nap time would be more difficult, but they fell asleep promptly after their potty excursions.  They only went down 20 minutes later than their usual.  Yay boys. 

I don’t know how many times I said I was proud, but wow, I am one proud mama today!!! The one thing I was not expecting was for a few tears about wanting diapers.  Hmm, that sucked.  All in all though, they were pretty excited.  More excited to be naked than in underpants though, so tomorrow we’ll try for a more civilized day;0

The bonus for the day was the over three hour nap the boys graced me with!  Thank you boys!!! I got time to clean up and clear out the changing table and diaper genie, rearrange cubbies in the storage unit, and most importantly have some good girl talk on the telephone – a serious rare occurrence for me!

The afternoon was much of the same. Lots of potty success.  The only other missteps were that I did not have the pull ups for night time ready, so I had to run downstairs for them while they boys were naked after showers.  Darn Matthew having to work late night one!  I really should have tried to get them on the potty before heading down….so it is no surprise that Gus left a little pee pee on his towel.  Nonetheless, I would say this was a very successful day of potty training.  The biggest hints and suggestions I can give is to start introducing your kiddos to the idea of going on the potty early and often. I always talked about “mommy” having to go pee pee on the potty, and talked about flushing and saying good-bye to the pee or poo and of course, about washing my hands afterwards.  They caught on early and although I did not force them to use the potty prior to today, I did ask them if they wanted to, or had to go, and usually they would do so.  Additionally, of course being a huge cheerleader and supporter of any attempt and of course actual use of the potty is the best thing for them.  They love the support and sense of self achievement most of all!

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  1. Fantastic results for day one! The first few days were miserable, but once it clicks, you will be thrilled! Hang in there!

    Oh - glad the beds were dry! ;)


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