Thursday, June 24, 2010

Potty Training Day Three

The morning started out so rough, with two major pee pee accidents, but by 11 am we were really on a roll and it just kept going all day.  We even made a quick trip to visit Grandpa Pickles after naps and they peed before leaving, twice while there and again when we got home, accident free!!!  Raleigh was on point with pooping and told me prior to each on one before successfully heading to the potty.  Augustus was poop free today.  I think he is a bit more hesitant to poop on the potty, but he is really good at trying to pee often, and is starting to say he has to pee pee.  He was dry again during naptime!  Yay!!! I think we’ll keep going staying close to home, although it may be driving us all a little nuts, but hopefully within a few more days we’ll be braver to get out.  Daddy of course is home this weekend, so we’ll take the tag team approach and hopefully get things clicking.

Night time has been interesting so far…I am still listening to Raleigh talk in bed at almost 8:30. They are usually out by 7:30. He has talked about his bum itching (pull-ups), and about all his family, in particular Papa Pickles, and all sorts of crazy talk.  Hello, too many M&Ms after dinner!!!!  All in all, successful day three. I am pretty exhausted with another 12 hour pee pee and poo poo watch.  When I say watch, I really mean watch.  It is an all day event watching for signals of going to the potty to help them realize that feeling and be able to potty completely on their own without such vigilance.  Of course, I know it won’t be completely on their own, there is still the wiping and all that comes with toddlers using the toilet! Thank goodness for DVR and a new season of Top Chef to help decompress tonight…wine would be so good too, but diet, smiet!

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