Monday, June 21, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Well, we are ready. All of us, so we are taking the plunge.  Yup, that is right, stepping down the road of twin potty training at just over two years old.  Whew, it took me a while to come to grips that at some point I will have to do this.  I mean, would you want to take two boys to a public restroom and let them do their business?  That is my biggest concern.  Not that they are going to make messes all over the house, although, I am sure that will occur, too.  Not that I will double my laundry, as I am sure that will happen too, but really, who minds an extra load when I could easily do one a day anyway.  Nope, despite the boys ability to use the potty for months, I have been fearful of taking them out once they are trained.  Well, and of course, let’s not forget the being locked at home for a while during the actual potty training.  The best thing we found recently was some boxer-briefs so the boys can be just like Daddy.  However, they will have lots of undies to choose from.  This should hopefully help us make it through day one;)
In our farewell to getting out in our usual ease, we headed to Busch Gardens today with A&J.  It was pretty much a perfect day to go.  No crowds, at least where we were, and the clouds provided a little relief from all this ridiculous heat! The boys had a ball in the splash area, and the big train, but I think they had the most fun at the learning center where they could color and pick their own instruments to shake to.  Enjoy a few pictures.  We’ll be sure to update on the boys’ progress soon. 
 jungala playtime gus has fun with the rain stickjungala playtime gus loves the lady   IMG_0984jungala playtime rals rainstick jungala playtime rals pure blissjungala playtime tree - gus climbs (2)jungala playtime tree - gus climbs  the boys and me, the only one looking at miss kim! bat watching good color
This look is hilarious, it is of the boys as we went through the train tunnel!train - boys going thru the tunnel - priceless! (2) train riding - gus checking everything out  boys and me on the train gus talking to the girls

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  1. Bestest of luck!!!! Using the potty to me isn't the hard part. But I only have one training. Remembering to put him on the potty every hour has become my challenge. Since E doesn't vocalize he needs to go :( Ashton literally took 3 days to change. Since that point, he has always told me when he needed to go with the occassional accident, and none in the past 2 years. UGH. Boys. They are all different. Be patient Mama. You all will do great ;) (one piece of advice....use a lap pad in their carseats, just in case of an accident. So much easier to wash than the seat itself!)


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