Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is it Possible that Potty “Training” is Over?

I know this is another post about PT, but really, it is not all about the potty. I feel like the “training” part is actually over.  They get it, they really do.  No more accidents (knocking wood just a little bit), they are communicating they have to go and we’ve been out and about quite a bit as well, and they are amazing on all types of potties, even the ones that flush while they are sitting on them (I think they like to watch it flush).  Again, proud does not even begin to describe how we feel, but seriously, we have nothing but pride for these boys and their ability to change and grow without much strain on anyone!  Love them, love them, love them.  Impressive boys.  Okay, enough gloating.


We headed to Busch Gardens yesterday with a bunch of twin friends.  It was loads of fun. Although, I think part of me melted away, it was so hot.  The boys did not seem to mind one little bit.  They had a ball.  Augustus was flirty ceaselessly with Miss A.  He has been crushing on her since before he could walk.  She is the older woman, and together, they are the fluffiest, blondest, bluest eyed little ones you swear you have ever seen. So basically, cuter than cute!

busch with friendsrals does his best evolution pose;) rals, too fricking cute gus is still in love gus in love! 

Today the boys had an adventure with a monarch butterfly.  So awesome.  The butterfly was in love with Augustus and vice versa.  Raleigh was a big old fraidy cat.  He jumped and squirmed when it was on his shirt, but he wanted him on him so badly.  Too funny.  Pretty indicitive of their current personalities. Gus will try just about anything, and Raleigh is a bit more hesitant until he feels comfortable.  But then, look out!

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