Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Week in Review. Some Ups, Some Downs

lovey brothers (3)

First, start with the ups!  These boys woke up super lovey to each other on Friday.  they were feeding each other their sippies that morning and then gave each other a big kiss.  Awe, melts your heart, doesn’t it?  Love to see them play nice after a stage of pushing and fighting seemingly constantly. 

lovey brothers lovey brothers (2)

Sadly, we had to say good-bye to Alexander and Uncle Tommy who headed back to Chicago.  Here are a few pictures from our last night cooking out.  Alexander showed the boys how to dance with Nonnie and everyone helped Nonnie peel corn on the cob.  Yummo!

the boysdancing with nonnie - aj boys help nonnie, check out rals adoring aj   ring around the rosy

Today we went to a botanical garden at our local university for a plant sale and butterfly garden.  We really took the kids there to let them run off some energy, explore the grounds, and meet up with twinkie friends.  They had an arts and crafts area for the kids, so that was fun to dive into without worrying about the clean up;)  Too bad I did not remember my camera!!!!  Still, fun times, and lots of time trying to stay cool in the shade.  Seriously, it is ridiculously hot here.  It was 99 degrees yesterday.  Ugh, I hate sweating!!!

We headed to Busch Gardens with new twinkie friends early this week as well.  They are two adorable 15 month old fraternal girls.  Their mom is awesome and very active, so I am sure we will be spending much more time at Busch together.  The hippos were out of the water for the first time in all our visits.  Very cool!

hippo watching! (2) boys see flamingos! gorilla - daddy with baby playing gorilla boys in front

Here, the boys are sporting Daddy’s work shirt.  Although, I think they thought it was a cape because as soon as they put it on, they were doing laps around the playroom like Super Bunny!  This was on Monday night, after Daddy went back to reality, aka, work.

rals says welcome home daddy gus as minimatt


Below is a picture that Augustus took with the camera.  Pretty awesome if I do say so myself;)  Their new thing is to sit on the play table and take pictures.  They sit very nicely, put the camera strap on, and point and click away.  Raleigh is usually the first to ask to take pictures, but, so far, Augustus has quite the knack for taking pics!


We also ventured out to the aquarium, something we have not done much of at all.  It used to be a favorite of the boys and me, but now it is just not as exciting after so much time at the zoo and Busch Gardens.  The boys did have a bit of fun climbing up and down the pirate ship, squirting the cannons and looking at fish, or Nemo, as the boys fondly call ALL fish!

rals gets brave...then climbs back down rals gets brave...then climbs back down (3) rals the pirate fish face boys on the pirate shipboys with penguin between them.penguins    gus and the water guns gus running DOWN the ropes (2) gus running DOWN the ropes (3)

The boys were spoiled this week with not one but two trucks each as new toys.  If you know me, you know I don’t believe in two of everything…but the first trucks were cheap Chico Target brand fire trucks.  The boys loved them for two days straight.  They wanted nothing but their fire trucks.  Then Nonnie went and bought them two new Little People trucks, one is a dump truck and the other is a “digger” as the boys call it, or a bulldozer.  Well, you would think these are the best things EVER created.  The boys went to sleep dreaming of trucks and woke up feverishly bolting downstairs to retrieve their trucks!  They had tears when we asked them to put the trucks into the “garage” or the bottom floor of our new storage unit – yes, it is filled with all types of trucks, and in the morning they skipped their “good mornings” and instead yelled DIGGERS as they ran downstairs.  Oye!  Seriously, for two days they did not touch any other toys.  Which, honestly, was a nice break. This meant no whining over cleaning up, and no clean ups for me either!

 ...after, this morning waking up saying diggers

We spent some time with the besties this week too.  It was funny to see the boys interact with them at our house.  We usually do play dates out and about, so they are always different when friends come to play.  The funniest thing was Augustus’ personality. He was wild, and extremely excited to have friends over.  He immediately took out all the books out on one of the shelves, then almost all the toys out of smaller storage unit.  He was also excited with a little pushing and rough housing, but nothing too bad.  I was impressed with their ability to stay in time out with friends over.  As our time-out chair is gone, Dad has instilled the “look at the wall” approach to time-out.  That takes self-control, something two-year olds are not blessed with 100% of the time, especially with an audience.

 best buddies best buddies (2) C&E doctors in the house;) (2)

Drum circle

drum circle 

Here, Augustus plays patient for Ellie.  Love how he has to show her his '”heart.”

 gus shows ellie his 'heart' gus shows ellie his 'heart' (2) lunch time!

Now, for the downs of the week.  My Dad, aka, Pa Pa Pickles, has had another heart scare. This one comes almost fifteen years after his congestive heart failure at 48.  This week he had chest pains and when he finally got to the cardiologist it appears his heart stopped at some point and restarted irregular; he has atrial fibrillation.  The plan is to restart his heart on Tuesday morning.  If all goes well, then he just has to restart back to a regular heartbeats, and of course, a change of lifestyle to eat more heart healthy and exercise.  That is easier said than done, and we are hoping he will take this seriously and do it not for just himself, but for my Mom, my brother and I, and his four gorgeous grandsons.  Unfortunately, my Dad’s Dad passed away when I was about four years old and I don’t remember him at all except for pictures and a few treasured stories.  I really don’t want the boys to have the same experience.  Grandpa Pickles has been a crucial part of their lives thus far, and I want them to know him as they grow up. Our biggest fear is that something happen before his procedure on Tuesday or worse, them not be able to restart his heart during the procedure.  Those are scary words to type.  As much as my Dad can drive me crazy, I love him and don’t want to lose him!  Keeping my hopes up and thinking positive thoughts, that is all I can do for now…that and help him see why we want to see him get healthy by spending time with him and the boys.

pa pa boys (2) pa pa boys  

We’ll send an update next week.  Thank you to family and friends for all your prayers and good thoughts.

Another side note, happy birthday Miss Eli!!!!  You look as beautiful today as I am sure you did at 20!  Love ya!

eli - gorgeous b-day girl!


  1. Brook, we are thinking of you and your family. Hugs.

  2. So sorry to hear about your dad. I will be thinking of you and your family on Tuesday and hope all goes well.

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