Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!

Today we celebrated Father’s Day; which, I have to say, was extra sweet this year.  Not only because the boys can say “Happy Daddy’s Day” or actually, “Happy Birthday Daddy Day” from Raleigh, but we got to celebrate with my Dad.  After a few weeks of real heart issues, it was nice to know we were able to enjoy the day with Grandpa Pickles!  The news from his procedure last week was not great.  They were not able to restart his heart because he still has a blood clot and his heart is extremely enlarged.  He is on increased meds to help with the clot and goes for a follow up on Tuesday.  Thankfully, he still has an amazing attitude and has continued to eat well and not dwell on all of this. 

happy father's day papa pickles happy father's day papa pickles (2)

We started the day with a Skype call to Nanny and Poppy.  The boys were actually pretty calm, so they got to get a little talking in between playing.  Then we went to the park and had some good times with Daddy.  The boys were wiped out and went to bed early, but then woke up early.

swingers  daddy day tree climbing daddy day tree climbing (2) gus big swinger (3)  gus big swinger (2)   gus running  to give daddy a hug raleigh, only smiles after being down from tree... rals and daddy ,loverals big swinger (2)

Once the boys were up, we headed to Nonnie and Papa Pickle’s house.  We were dressed for the pool, but the weather delayed our trip.  Thank goodness we were still able to get to the pool; you would hate to take the pool time from them!  They are true fish!!!  They jump in, swim to you or the pool sides or ladder, and love to go under water and just look around and explore.  They even were jumping off and heading to the bottom of the pool.  Seriously, they are just two years old. Wow!!!gus and me! rals and me!  gus blowing bubbles

Here are a few of our favorite things.  It has been a while since updating, but here they are.

Raleigh gets excited about the smallest things and shows his excitement with this little voice inflection that cannot stop the grouchiest person from smiling.  He either makes a little squeal that inflects up, or just inflects the word in the sweetest way. 

Augustus has continued his personality change.  He is much more assertive lately.  Finally!  He no longer lets Raleigh be the boss of everything. I think the real reason he is feeling more leader-like is his language continues to blossom.  It is so fun to see and watch them and their twin dynamics! The other day I could not understand what Gus was saying, so Raleigh helped interpret it for me.  At least they both understand each other really well!

They continue to find tools and trucks the most interesting things around.  They even use a play electric screw driver to remove all the screws on this really cool Caterpillar truck from Nonnie.  Augustus seems to be a bit more mechanical in his ability to get it apart and together. 

Good nights are back to being a love fest for the boys.  They both want to kiss each other in their beds.  They also want to kiss both cheeks and the mouth of everyone at night time.  It is really too cute for words!

Here are a few shots of our week; which included a crafty play date at the besties house making fish shirts for Poppy.  Yup, those are real snappers on the t-shirt with paint on it to make a stamp.  Wow!

gnr paint fish and star fish (2) fishy shirt!


dolls!  lovey brothers! (2)

Here you can see Gus with his first hair cut by mom.  Seriously, I used the clippers and everything.  Not too bad if I do say so myself;)

hair cut see edge

 big boys swim and jump!!! (5) big boys swim and jump!!! (6)

Here is a video of the boys jumping in to the pool on Saturday.  Again, this is amazing stuff!  I love to see all the people in the pool watching the boys.  They are dumbfounded every time!

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  1. Great pictures from today!!! Love them! Great job on the hair.


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