Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

The boys celebrated their first Thanksgiving today. They enjoyed eating cooked cauliflower & a little turkey too:) It surprises me that they liked it so much after I was unable to eat much of the Thanksgiving dinner last year while I was pregnant with these guys.
We have a few videos of them eating below - too funny. It is hard to believe they are eating with their hands and chewing real food already; it seems like just yesterday we were hoping & praying that they would eat on their own enough to get released from the NICU. Amazing! The weather was so mild that we ate outside this year & had a nice walk after dinner. They both enjoyed eating & making a mess as usual. Enjoy the photos & video! We were all enjoying all the sounds they were making letting us know how much they enjoyed the feast.



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  1. Way too cute. Did you ever think we would be sending/posting pictures and videos of our kids eating turkey! I LOVE IT! You gotta post some of those santa hat pics!


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