Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raleigh Passed his Winter Float Test Too!

Yay for Raleigh! He passed his heavy winter clothes test today. His clothes were the same as Gus' yesterday but they were really, really heavy on the skinny man. However, Raleigh was a rock star and did great. No panic or disorientation like the first test. Yay buddy!!! He was quite relaxed, in fact, most of the crying on the video is from Augustus who was not happy about lessons today! Enjoy the video on the link through YouTube:
Raleigh waving hi to me!

Here's Raleigh - after getting dressed for his float test. He was less than thrilled and I fully understand, it is 90 degrees outside. Check out the flood pants. These are 12 month jeans from last year over his swim trunks, they still fit, but are way, way too short!!

Some cute shots of the boys as we got ready to go have lunch with Grandpa Pickles!!!

Here is a video of Raleigh learning to jump off the couch.
He is hilarious with his two fingers up salute...which is his new way of giving thumbs up! Hilarious little man. Side note - the boys do wear clothes, I swear they do...just lots of time outside, and then it is diapers when we come in until we do something else. Seriously, it is still 90 degrees outside, and still hot inside, so they like it. As long as they keep their diapers on, we are good in the hood!
I think we may be a bit redneck though...we started carrying the bubble bath outside and washing them in their tubs with fresh water after pool time. It really is easier then doing the whole bath thing when we are getting ready to go out. Nighttime is a different story, well, most of the time;) This from Midwest and Australian parents, oh the shame!

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