Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swimming Again, Wow!!! And Other Fun Things Because I Just Can't Help Myself!

The boys did awesome this morning in their swimming lessons. This was after a small reprieve this week after four days off. Yesterday Gus was sinking his legs big time and not swimming or floating, mind you, he still had no fear to jump in the pool, but today he was back on track. Check out the video by clicking here!!!

Raleigh has been doing so well in the pool with me, that it was great to see him do just as well with instructor Korey. They still scream and hate to be in there with him, but if I try to take them out of the pool they cry about that too! Here is a second video that would not post on here

Additionally, the boys friend Mikey donated this scooter to them, and yes, Raleigh can already ride it at 17 months. Oh man, we are sooooo in trouble, he has the need for speed just like his Poppy! Watch this video.

Some other things the boys are up to -

The zoo - they love it, really, we all cannot get enough of it! The animals are so much more fun for the boys now that they can walk around and see them better. We even fed a giraffe this week! Of course, these water babies enjoy the splash park area at the zoo just as much as the aquarium or swimming. They are too much in those spray fountains!

  • Trying to put things back together. If they see something that came off of something else, they immediately try to "fix" it. This includes pieces of banana, paper, you name it, they want to put it back.
  • Playing with each other. They love to tackle each other, or wrestle, and I know, you have all seen the videos, but they just are too much almost every night going balls to the wall messing with each other. They love to switch toys, and steal them too. Playing "cat and mouse" is one of their favorite things, they will even lay down just waiting for the other one to come and get them. I have to chuckle when I see one (usually Gus) hold out his toy and taunt the other one and laugh when they miss. Seriously, this is not taught, it is already known at 17 months, you can always mess with your brother! I love how well they get along. Despite a few bites here and there, they are such great brothers already. They are both so sweet and love and hug on each other as much as they love on us. Check them out in this video
  • Napping - well, we are finally down to one nap at least 90% of the time. This is great and I think swim lessons was what put them over the edge. We had scheduled morning lessons and it just fell into place where they would play all morning, do their lesson, eat a big lunch and nap all afternoon. Then they would sleep like champs at night too, and started sleeping until at least 7am. Unfortunately, they are getting their final teeth before their 2 year old molars come in, so we had a few bumps in the overnight sleep last week, but all in all they are doing great on the new nap schedule. Even on days when they don't have lessons we can go all morning, get a great afternoon nap, and then play some more before bed time.

On another note, I scheduled the boys sedated heart ECHOs today. We are not excited about this, it will be an all day event for them, including a stay in the hospital for the procedure. However, it has to be done since they won't sit still for a proper reading. :( Sad, I am going to need a lot of support those two days! October 6 and October 13th. Poor pumpkins!!!

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