Monday, September 7, 2009

Swimming Update

Today was an awesome swim day for the boys. They missed their Friday lesson, but even with a few days off, they were amazing!!! Here is a video of Raleigh flipping on his own, me loosing my breath for a second, and then Raleigh swimming and getting up to float again! Rock Star! Augustus did awesome too, but I did not see him much because Daddy was home for Labor Day and helped during his lesson. The second video is a short one of Gus swimming to the stairs. I know from our weekend of almost living in the pool he was not one to float...the boy just kept going back to swim more and more and more. We had to force them to rest or they would just keep diving off us and going back out to swim like fish, not boys:)

We had a lovely weekend. Lots of time with the boys in the pool of course. On Saturday the boys spent their first overnight with Nonnie and Grandpa Pickles. They did well and I am sure had fun doing all sorts of stuff. They were a lot taller then the last time we attempted sleeping in a pack and play though so it provided some comic relief for Nonnie. Matthew and I had a great night alone...although the next time we may ask them to take the cats too because they woke us up way more then the boys ever do!!!! I think they were super excited to be rid of them. We had our neighbor friends over for drinks and snacks and it was just a really laid back night of fun. Today we went to the park again, but the boys were pretty tired from all their fun at the grandie's house that we did not last long. This afternoon we spend most of our time in the pool and helping daddy cut trees and play in their cars. Then we had a fabulous cookout. What a weekend. Already looking forward to next Friday..


Look close at these two pictures of Raleigh in the swing...Gus is flying by in the background. I just think they are cool shots!

...FYI: Gus is Batman, Raleigh is Superman!

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  1. Question - How much does it cost for lessons? I really would like to get Reagan & Jayden into them. We dont have a pool, but I would not mind taking them to a private home. Have you really noticed a difference? BTW - I've been reading your blog for awhile now. Really cute. Twins are getting BIG! Jealous, because I cant wait until my walk.. =)


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