Saturday, September 26, 2009

Do You Not Love This Park?

Friday was the final swim lesson of the six week program. Korey, the best swim instructor we know, even gave the boys swim trophies - how exciting - their first trophies!!! We will keep going to Korey every few weeks to keep their skills up through the winter as well. Raleigh was so darn happy the last day of lessons he even swam back and forth between Korey and the stairs and without tears, and he even smiled! That was big progress!!! Rals seemed to excel after the heavy winter clothes test; it was as if the weight off him helped everything click and he started kicking his legs with proper posture for swimming. The next day was when he had the most fun with lessons. Yay Raleigh!

Gus in closet playing peek-a-boo with Raleigh after nap time was over!

Yup, this is Gus, he is so close to getting out of his crib. The good news is that we can turn the crib around to get an extra inch or two. We hope this delays the inevitable a little while longer. We head to the boys 18 month checkup on Monday morning, so we will have all their stats posted soon. I know they are tall. We see that when they grab anything and everything off the counters now!

This morning we decided to pack the boys up for a little road trip to Mommy and Daddy's old stomping grounds. This park is awesome and we wish it was a little closer to enjoy more often, but today was a great day for splashing around the fountains, checking out the bay while people and pet watching. The boys had a great time with a few dogs we met in the park too. Augustus was all giggles as the dogs kissed and licked him. The owners were super nice too! Hopefully they'll find this blog to see the pictures of their pooches! Enjoy a few pictures...there are literally hundreds of "good" shots.

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