Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hair Cuts, and This Time We're Serious. Oh, and GO PACK GO!!!!

Raleigh saying - WHAT??? You want to cut this???

Just a quick note to show you the boys real hair cuts. I mean REAL hair cuts. Of course I still did them myself. (S - I still want your sis to help shape these trees, but I could not take the stringy, hippy hair any longer).

Gus really needs some product in his hair at all times, but Rals is pretty much good-to-go with his hair now even in this god awful dry, no humidity weather. Enjoy.

BTW - don't worry too much, I am sure the hair will be back this summer. These kids have some bionic hair that grows faster then the weeds we call Florida grass. Here is a couple shots of them at just one year, and now they are only 21 months. Wow, I wish my hair grew that fast.

Go Pack Go!!!

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