Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby it is Cold Outside, and Yes, More Favorite Things!

Here are a few shots of the boys keeping entertained while we have spent most of our time indoors lately. Cannot wait for some warmer weather!!!

The boys loving Nonnie's outfit - particularly her shoes on her way to work.

We made it to Nonnie and Pickles for dinner this week, and Raleigh outright stole Nonnie's salad and devoured it. All of it, except the tomatoes. What amazing eaters these boys are!

We have a bit of cabin fever going on here. It is cold in Florida. Colder in other parts of the U.S., but this is really cold for us. Tomorrow is going to be even colder, a high projected of 41 degrees. Seriously???? We'll be stuck inside all day tomorrow. I took the boys outside to burn off some energy this morning, thankfully. Yesterday, we hit the zoo after nap time with our friend C and his mommy Allison. We had fun and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and the high of 60 degrees.

Today, while I was folding laundry, a seriously never-ending task with multiples, Raleigh pointed to the guest bed I was using as the laundry landing strip, and said "Pete, Peeeeeete" with such sadness it made me sad. He was missing her and then he walked around the corner to point at her picture on our wall. Aw, so sad. He was looking for Nonnie earlier in the morning and ran to the door yelling "Nonnieeeeeeeeeeeeee." This is adorable, but what is exciting about this yelling is that he finally got the "e" part of the word. Now, anything with a hard "e" at the end of it is enunciated with such feeling. He must have said Daddy 500 times the first night he could say Daddy. Their newest word is spaghetti. They have enjoyed it for three days in a row after Grandpa Pickles made some delicious home-made spaghetti and meatballs. Augustus was doing the whole eye-closed, yummy, yummy thing at lunch today. Adorable!!!

I forgot to add a few things in my last post about favorite things. The boys got a doctor and veterinarian set from Auntie "Pete" for Christmas. The vet set has six lockable doors on the front of the case, each a different color, and each with a corresponding colored key. To highlight their differences, I just have to watch them open the doors. Raleigh can already match all the keys to the correct colored door and works quietly and diligently to open them on his own. Augustus takes one of the needles, don't worry, the plastic, play needles, that he can stick into the different shaped openings and pick the lock, so to speak. I love it, it so demonstrates how their little minds work so differently. Raleigh, patient, intellectual; Augustus, clever, and loves to use his brute force to solve a problem efficiently.

My other favorite thing is that they use the doctor and vet tools to fix various other toys. For example, they will take the tools and put them up to their car's wheels and pretend they are filling up the air in them.

My favorite use of the toys so far is when they feed the kitty and puppy water and food from the food bowl that came with the vet set, or put "boo boo" cream on the kitty's paws, head, or nose,. Seriously, could they be any sweeter, nope, don't think so!

Well, I am going to enjoy another cup of hot coffee while the boys nap. Crossing my fingers they sleep well with the cooler weather.

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  1. I love how they are checking out your mom's shoes!!! So cute!


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