Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fire Crazy!

So this past week, we laid low because we were all sick with bad colds. However, we went to see Grandpa Pickles and did our usual drive by of the fire station on our way there. The truck was out, so I pull down the little side street and was happy to see two very enthusiastic fire fighters outside waving at us and telling us to come on over. I parked and took the boys to see them. When I told them why we were driving by (the boys love fire trucks), the fire man said, "I see you drive by often." Um, totally embarrassing, right?!?!?! Oh well, the things we do for our kids. Of course, I did not have my camera with. What is with me and not having my camera when we see our friendly fire fighters? The pictures from the aquarium outing were all due in part to our friend Patty! So, I told them that we would come back on their next shift and bring brownies all to ensure I was able to get SOME pictures. Today, we followed through on my promise. This time, I was prepared and took the camera. Even funnier, when we got there, the same fire fighter asked if I had written a thank you letter recently because he thinks he just saw my name in the firefighter newsletter. Yup, indeed I had. Again, double embarrassment, but heck, all for my boys, plus I am polite, my mama raised me right;)


  1. How fun! I bet the boys are fascinated by those big trucks! What nice firemen you have!

  2. awww so sweet of you! Boys are so cute :)


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