Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Know You All Know This, But Can I Just Say How Much I Love These Kids???

Yesterday was awesome because we broke free from the asylum, and ventured farther than Nonnie & Pickles house.  We made it to the zoo for some shenanigans with friends.  Here are some cute pictures.  There is also a great video of Augustus feeding a budgie.  He loved it!!! Raleigh wanted to hold the stick with the bird food on it, but would squeal if they landed on it, and would shut his eyes, or run away in fear.

Did you know we gave birth to sea gulls?  Yup, we sure did.  And, these birds are getting bigger.  If you dare eat in front of these children, expect them to devour anything you are eating.  It is accompanied by the squawk of birdies as well.  Seriously, this started from the time they barely had any teeth and has continued to expand.  We of course don't just let them swipe our food, but we are extremely good at sharing;)  Matthew recently mistakenly bought spicy barbeque chips, he thought they were just BBQ, and of course when they saw Daddy eating them the boys wanted to try them.  No, we don't usually give them chips, but to leave Matty alone, he gave them a chip.  We totally did not expect them to like them, but they did.  As a side note, if you like extremely spicy snacks these things are awesome - Lays Spicy Barbeque chips!

So, this post title is from yesterday's game they came up with.  I love this age.  They can change overnight and come up with the funniest things to entertain themselves with.  Yesterday after naptime we went outside for some more fresh air.  They both started to fall down and then wanted their brother to help them up.  I just about peed my pants watching them do this for at least thirty minutes straight.  Here is a funny video of their fall, pick up, thank you with a hug and just all around fun rolling around in the grass together.  How can you not love these boys!?!?!?!?!

In other news and some of my favorite things...both boys can say Raleigh.  Ra Ra is no more.  Their Raleigh sounds more like "Row-ley" - rhymes with cow, not row.  We have moved up to 2T jeans overnight because the 18 month jeans look like flood pants.  Almost all of their PJs we bought for the winter are too small.  Which is a bummer since it is STILL cold here and I don't really want to buy bigger fleece-style PJs for the Florida summer. 

It is almost one month until our babies turn 2; can you believe that?  I cannot.  We are prepping for their birthday party.  We of course will be incorporating a charity play date party for The Ronald McDonald House again.  This year I am also trying to get some friends together to make a meal at one of the local houses, so if anyone is interested in that please shoot me an email, or post here.

I love that they wake up and want to read immediately.  All the books Great Auntie Julianne and Uncle Tony, and Nonnie, among many others, have bought for the boys are going to very good use.  Seriously, Augustus will carry his books around and then go crawl in our bed to read.  How sweet is that?  They still love construction truck or fire engine books best, then anything train, and of course all the Aussie books with animals in them.  The boys' concentration level is truly amazing for being nearly two.  Both boys will sit and put every puzzle together, take it apart, and do it again.   

I also love that when they see a smaller object and a bigger object the immediately connect that one must be the mommy and one must be the baby.  Even smaller airplanes are called babies. 

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