Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kites; Another Adventure Where Dad's May Have More Fun

BIG HUGE THANK YOU to my parents, in particular Nonnie Boni, for watching the boys so much yesterday, and cooking us all a fabulous Valentine's Day dinner the night before.  Matthew and I got a whole lot accomplished with the boys out of the house, including painting one lonely wall in our kitchen.  I was hoping for a more grayish-blue, instead of bluish-gray, but oh well. It fits with the Key West style of our house.  We also enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch at Acropolis where we were even able to dine outside in the warm sunshine - yes people, it hit 70 degrees!!!! 

So after our lunch date yesterday, we had to run to the store to return a few things, and Matthew and I went to check out the toy aisle since it would be so much easier to do this without the boys.  It will be the boys second birthday in a little over a month; which I am slightly freaking out about, by the way.  So, Matthew saw some kites and was so incredibly nerdy about them that we had to get one.  I did put my foot down and said "no" to the $20 kite.  I actually helped pick out two, but somewhere along the way he put one back.  Uh, big mistake, that should go without saying to the mom's of multiples out there;) So, here are a few shots of the boys, I would say with the kite, but really, Daddy was all about the kite, so there are a few shots of us, and a great shot of Raleigh having a major F-I-T when Matthew would not let him carry the kite.  You can see his smile when he actually got it!  Gus was more interested in the tail of the kite and running free, so there is just a shot of him and me thrown in for fun; note the hand, he is always helping me with my boobs.  Such a man! 

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