Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome Baby Jane! Two Year Molars, Already?

I wanted to share a few beautiful pictures of my BFF Kristy's new baby girl, Jane.  She is gorgeous!  Janie was born February 8th at 9:58 am, at 8 pounds even, and 19 inches.  This is after a long haul of bed-rest and pain for K prior to giving birth, so it is extra great that she is here!  However, we are still thinking good thoughts for K who has to endure a second surgery to help fix her kidneys.  She is amazingly strong and such a good mama and friend. I can only hope the boys find such a good friend like I did.
Callie, Annie, K, and baby Janie!
LOVE this shot of baby Annie telling us all about Janie!  She is just 16 months older than Jane.  So adorable...look out boys;) 

In the spirit of Miss Eli's book to me for Christmas in which Matthew and I write all sorts of memories of our lives to pass on to the boys so they know their Mommy and Daddy better, here is a little story about my BFF.  We have known each other since we were two, where we met in a magical place called Venus Drive in the land of beer and cheese.  Our moms were avid coffee drinkers and just happened to have a son and daughter the same age.  This street was amazing in that all the kids got along...some better than others, and we could play on our big wheels in the street, stay out until the street lights came on, and could get in trouble together in some strange ways;)  A beer mart and fire come to mind, although K missed the fire...and a little tree climbing incident that will all stay our stories to share once the children have grown up safely and made stories of their own.  I think the boys are getting a bit of that magic now with our neighbors having a little boy the same age and another baby on the way soon. Plus, we have made fabulous twinkie friends that I know they will have great memories with too.  I always have Kristy to remind me of our childhood since my memory is worse than someone with Alzheimer's on most days.  Some of my favorite memories are heading to the crick - yes, I know it is spelled "creek" but I will always say crick, playing Star Wars on her super cool swing set that had monkey bars, making our own newspaper, beauty pagents, and starting clubs where we ruthlessly made others drink dirt water soup flavored with herbed grasses and eat banana peels. Although Kristy and her family moved away when we were in the 8th grade, and we have lost touch over the years we have always found our way back into each other's life. I don't know how I would have made it through infertility and the boys' heart conditions without Kristy to cry with on the phone at any hour.  Seriously, we now talk almost every day.  It is a shame we live in different states, but it is great that we have such a close friendship.  I am lucky to have three best friends, in Matthew, my mom and Kristy.  However, I know Kristy is my friend I can tell all the embarrassing stories to, bitch about my husband and  know she will love me (and Matty) just the same.  She is the person I want with me when I walk into a gay biker bar, get kicked out of Coyote Ugly (again) and when I am rocking in the old folks' home.  Love ya Kristy!!

Now, onto news about the boys.  Same old, same old, except we have broken the coop the last few days in an effort to run out some of their rambunctious energy.  It worked yesterday in our walk/run/pony ride to Publix; they slept almost three hours while I did some alone shopping and Daddy napped on the couch.  So funny to see them laugh for 15 minutes straight just because we all went for a walk together.  They have such joy.  Ah, to be a toddler again!  Today, well, I can here they yelling "boo" to each other from across the room and their separate cribs. It is how they wake up from naps each and every day, they have a blanket that they cover themselves with and then pull off and yell "boo."  Super cute, except when you are trying to squeeze in a few extra minutes of a nap or book read yourself;)  Today we hit a strawberry and produce stand after having a Valentine's Day breakfast out as a family, and hit the park and played with C next door, but alas, no go on a long sleep!  Exciting news is that Raleigh has his lower left 2 year molar almost completely in already. Almost over night it seems. Augustus has the same molar poking through just a little bit.  I cannot believe the boys will be two in a month and a half!  Wow, where is the time going???  Good thing we are spending lots of time having fun and making memories along the way...and I am writing most of this stuff down so I don't forget!!!!  Here is a cute shot of Augustus and his trains. Not only do they yell for the "choo choo, all aboard" movie all the time, but he also plays with them constantly, non-stop.  We were going to do fire trucks for this year's birthday party, but now I am leaning more for trains.  Then, the next shot is the boys with Daddy watching The Polar Express after Gus flew off the play house behind them in the shot...notice the busted lip:(

Here are the boys in their newest toy from IKEA. They think they are bulldozers though and love the pick it up and fly on top of it...trouble, we just know it.  However, we did pick up a set of three plastic kitchen utensils for 73 cents yesterday that are perfect play toys, and you CANNOT beat the price.  

Happy Valentine's Day everyone from Augustus, Raleigh, Matthew and me!

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